Matthew Pounding on the shore of sand and my mind is spinning with the rolling green room roar is in my ears are for trying to pick out the real from the white noise is everything around us in this world is a big place with little real that are your friends and feelinges of love is so hard to find. 000621
calling Neo. point break,
come back
from the
roller coaster ride,
love it.
The Truth Life is an ocean, and we are all riding the waves...

Waves are more abundant than one may realize.

All things exist in Waves

sound waves
light waves (light is a partical, and a wave)
thought waves
brain waves

radio waves
air waves
atmospheric waves
shock waves
subsonic waves
subspace waves
energy waves
economic waves
societal waves
cosmic waves
anti waves
fan waves
electromagentic waves
ocean waves
distortion waves
time waves
micro waves
macro waves
solar waves
lunar waves
soul waves

It's as if there is a liquid theme to the universe.
Aaron waves crash.. blood moons rise... we all live.. born just to die.. finding the self...split in two..a little bit of me and alot of you.. can i die yet.. next in line... have another bump.. insane till devine.. crying madness.. eyes wide shut...blare the music.. fuck that slut...

glowing slowly, bubbles in the brain, my own love driving me insane, still all my ribs.. no woman for me.. still god decided.. nah fuck that.. he made me eat that whole damn tree...

have you ever been split in two.. that theres one for me.. and one for you... ... then you find out.. that the next man has two.. what would you do.... no... what will i do...

that shot in the night... the one that kills.. that dead shot ringing in the night.. i had all that love.. they pulled the triger... and on came the light..

good night. how long till i woman i could never see..she probibly doesn't even exist... how long till she will whisper to me.
Daria Whyd everybodeeee get so serios. Waves are fun. 020225
phil I keep getting little waves, that make me think about nothing but lonliness. 020703
sunrise constant and comforatble. something one just gets used to. some are calming but many are violent. they're like a cycle that's not really circular and is different every time yet exactly the same! 020809
qi wen 40.

Return is the movement of the Tao.
Yielding is the way of the Tao.

All things are born of being.
Being is born of non-being.

-Lao Zi
qi wen ahhh, blather. i clicked on "tao" after having written the above and found the same verse. that's what ahhhm talkin 'bout. 020810
blown cherry Beneath the waves lies a closed room,
my ears are blocked to all sound but the bubbles of our breath and your voice.
Beyond our hands only the infinite green
within which our bodies rest and float with the lulling rhythm of the tide.
anniemo23@hotmail.com in order to witness, notice compassion, do you have to have compassion yourself?

takes one to know one type shit?

can compassion be shared through this medium of technology?
Can telepathy be felt and learned thru such mediums? or do we need to enter each others 6ft radius auras?

I think its possible to "feel" someone that isnt within your range of site.

Whats with all these visions and prophesies?
Is the only purpose of a prophet to be discounted or be seen as a lie?

Have we discounted telepathy or visions as a 'new age' type thing? more of a myth then truth? more a shit&giggles type thing?

I once video taped a homeless dude sitting against a wall in a street with him sipping upon hot coffee i gave him, with his leg stretched out and crossed, he had a gently demeanor and he spoke slowly with years of wisdom. He took his time explaining me his story. He told me one night while he was watching the empty street that God and The Devil met up. He told me they spoke in a dialect he wasnt familiar with. They spoke and then began to fight over the Earth and its current "owner". He said they battled it out and he wasnt quite sure who won, in the end. and I told him its rather important to have noticed who won that fight and he said he was not sure. but i think me and him understood who won.

Who do you think won?

I want to clarify one thing- There is no god or devil here, there is only Us...and look what we've done thus far with our experience here.

I think its rather dull that we concentrate on shit like war, drugs, death, murder ect ... when theres so much we dnnt know, so much we ignore and so much we haven’t found out about what and who are really are, but fuck it- what’s on TV? bullshit

They say after this next dimensional shift/polar shift that we will lose all personality and ego if we don’t have our Merkabas working, and Im not even sure If I want to keep my personality/ego.

I had a dream last night, with some dude I was running around with acting crazy and doing weird ass shit together, I stopped him and said "you know, dude- all of this isnt real, I’m not real, you're not real, even after this dream here, my life and who i am in my 3d reality isn’t really who i am, its all a lie, a facade to something greater..." and he said " well, yeah. You didn’t know that?"
minnesota_chris my merkaba is not working. I think it's leaking fluid. 040430
otterpup and it comes in waves

i admit to enjoying it
but not always

as i wake up a new wave hits me and i drown slowly in the thought of you

and the tide retreats and i blink and clear my mind
and think rational thoughts
about distance and responsibility and the right thing to do
and the probability that you don't feel the same

each life is a bath in emotions
before the plug gets pulled
and we all lie in the waves as the tide comes in and out
and we soak up the feeling
and we spunge back out
noname ...

crash crash crash.
what's it to you?
who go