the spork never buy the solar powered flashlight 010205
Tank at first i laughed and then i thought how much a like we were... interesting concept... useful only when not being used... 010205
sykoze like freeze-dried water - just add water 010902
justme S O L A R PLEXUS

The rats are always the first to flee the ship….
The ship of Gaia, the ship of mother earth is no exception.
And God sees this,
He is preparing His people-
For the new world,
For the synchronicity of all-
Resetting the Universal clock;
God stands.

But to the relief of all,
Sat Paul,
beside the throne of God-
But where are the keys?
said all who had gathered round
They are inside!
the belief you had
And now, you too stand inside.
ClairE I wish I lived in a castle. 020109
nom portable 070228
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