icy so make one for me.
i'm not asking, but demanding. i don't know your morals or how you really are, so i really don't know if one is necessary. but i demand nonetheless.
tell me you want me the way i want you. (which is absolutely inexplicable to me because no one ever makes me feel this way!) i will invade your thoughts and leave you restless for needing to be with me. on a hot summer night i will be the fire that stirs you and makes you shiver with the slightest movement of air. i ignite you, burning with passion. slippery, hot, tangled in the sheets, silk scarves, catch my breath, tear the pillow, biting, scratching, holding so tightly our souls combine for just a moment...

and so i demand - come to me tonight.
. stork daddy 060725
stork daddy show me then. what's to lose? everything i hope this time. 060804
icy please don't be fooled by me 060804
stork daddy i only fool myself. no reflection on you. 060804
stork daddy that said, fool me. 060804
icy ah, you're too tempting 060804
stork daddy so indulge. 060804
icy let the cool night air sigh through my window, sifting between the sheets
bodies locked in a tight embrace
move me, move within me

twisting, tangling, tormenting

the distance between us
icy just a sip 060804
stork daddy just two people
full in themselves
moving inside
while the world
is a sea of the same
around them.

different angles,
so different distances
closed and then opened,
fore and aft.

like walking on a ledge
and sometimes your foot
dizzies in and out
over a sheer
and tactile fall.

imagined more fully
by tasting it
just a bit.
icy i dreamed (daydreamed? fantasised?) that we made love in your car. you gently set me down on the soft leather seats, hands exploring, nuzzling and nibbling.
then, i was on top of you in the driver's seat - your seat - with your music playing, clinging to each other, intensely passionate and barely controlled. and as i threw my head back and called out your name, your hands slipped up to my shoulders and you pulled me close to you. our hearts thundering together and then our breathing began to slow.
and when i woke up, i was still enclosed by that awestruck sated yet still mildly turned on feeling...
but i think you just think of me as a friend. perhaps we could explore some benfits...
dammit fuck! 'benefits' 060828
icy i'm sorry, i didn't mean to steal a name... i give it back 060828
icy dammit, what the fuck am i doing?
i don't think i know who i am anymore... but perhaps i didn't know in the first place
what's it to you?
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