daxle Bottle of wine that's been opened
And he said, "Why do I do this?"
A shiver through his body like a bottle of CC
Not encouraging reality or me
He said, "It's who I am baby, back to it."
Off the deep end the record changed
and if a double decker bus crashes into birdmad i know it's over
and it never really began...
Joana. ... but in my heart, it was so real* 000920
rahnceed I forgot why I was even blathing under this word:
"then something began to happen"
sirflaccid I believe you began to think this could be typical, that the depth of our process was nothing more valuable than of those who find complacency. Under extraordinary circumstance fit for any theatrical medium anywhere and in any time, all of us still holds true.

So again I say.....
Passion is why we must work on a relationship.

is why we do.
what's it to you?
who go