The Truth When you think about our universe...

How it's built, and how it works.

The sheer physics involved that allow it to be possible.

The fact that it is so perfectly balanced to the point that it strives to maintain equilibrium,

yet if ONE small detail were different, changed somehow... THE ENTIRE CONTRAPTION known as the universe would not work. It would fail miserably.

Then I look at it. With these soft, squishy things in my head that capture light, I see what this universe appears like in color.

Certainly, the vastness of it all could have turned out quite ugly, as long as it all worked right?

But it is not ugly.

It is more beautiful than words can begin to describe. The more we discover, the more beauty we find.

All of it. The Mathematical Artistry.

I think that is extraordinary.
dB The Universe knows what it's doing.


The universe is extraordinary. It has a grace and moves as though it were flowing. If we could understand more about it maybe would be more comfortable with it.
When you think about the awesome scale of the thing, you start to feel very small. But if you begin to understand that you are a part of the U, then it doesn't seem so... so... well, so big.
:..S e e d S.:...o f...:.L i g h T..: Life is a pattern that is planted and grown.
Days are a cycle that are counted and known.
Light is the freedom of mystery.
Time, repetitions of history.
Sky is our window to the universe.
Stars sing about designs in every verse.
Breath is our terra umbilical.
Faith is the doorway to miracles.
Trees are the friendliest limiters.
Fear is a social inhibitor.
Love is a gift and the way of Truth.
Peace is our goal and the fruits of youth.
End is the Last right before the First.
Death is the start of your soul's new birth.
sabbie why is the word 'extraordinary' made up of extra and ordinary? like more ordinary than jsut plain ordinary?

i never understood it.
Mahayana: Zakah: : ex·traor·di·nary
: ik-'stror-d&n-"er-E, "ek-str&-'or-

Middle English extraordinarie,
Latin extraordinarius,
extra ordinem out of course,
extra + ordinem,
accusative of ordin-,
ordo order

going beyond what is
or customary

[extraordinary blathe]
1 ordinary element=ordinary
-1+-1+-1 ordinaryElements=extraordinary

ordinary blathe= wow
extraordinary blathe= wow + wow

1 ordinary element=ordinary
1+1+1 ordinaryElements=extraordinary
[extraordinary blathe]

: ik-'stror-d&n-"er-E, "ek-str&-'or-
: ex·traor·di·nary

{24 seXy craYons=ordinarySeXy}
{100 seXy craYons='extra'ordinarySeXy}
{1 ordinary}= ordinary
{2 ordinaries combined}= extraordinary
{24 kisses=ordinaryKisses}
{100 kisses=extraordniaryKisses}

{{unless, it is an octopus trying 2 kiss you}}
{{{in that case run, run very fast}}}
{{even better would be 2 swim}}
{{{swim very fastly away}}}
{{& hide your chapstick}}
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melon wisher extra
im more than ordinary... who is ordinary?
whats the standard for ordinary...
average? average is overrated and untrue... no one is average
everyone is extra ordinary
just-shoot-me i find the almost infinite depths of human ingenuity and human stupidity to be extrodanary 060718
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