psyki i'd like a simple life
like cows in kansas
a safer place
i'd like one plain white towel
like those found in hotel bathrooms
no fancy stripes
or flower patterns
i'd like to know what it's like
to be an ordinary person
i'd like to just sleep for awhile
Defender of the Wheat Why Kansas? Cows are pretty ordinary everywhere. Except for those Mishima cows in Japan, I guess. I saw them on Iron Chef once, and they're pretty special. Special, special cows. 011029
DaMon. For four years! Helluva long that is.
I barely get past 4 months.

He thinks he loves me.
But he doesn't know me.
Can't really love until you know.
If he did know, he would see how ordinary I am.
thieums Ordinary days
Used to find them dull
An ordinary life
In an ordinary country
Do you remember the wacky days?
We used to see in the skies
We used to open our eyes
And the world was full of it
Name it, that was it
Let's forget the ordinary
Let's open up again
And get amazed again
Let's forget the ordinary...
FA113N I sat, forlorn.
She left me.
She was gone.
I was alone again.
The colours of the world faded .

Then through the haze
Of regret and loss
A figure leaned over me,
And kissed me.
So ordinary,
Like a forgotten goodbye.
My arm raised itself,
And the shadow disappeared,

Was it my imagination?
The last exorcism?
That wasn't me!
That was not all I have
To give you!
That should not have been
Our first kiss
Our last first kiss
Our last kiss

Were you running away?
Was that a goodbye?
Are you gone forever?
what's it to you?
who go