Roofus Roofus loves new dream network 000426
rem I lovs me momsy
when she spanks me the most
superslutstar thE mAny loVes oF misS lisA: altOids...... crAnberry grApefrUit sobe..... kiTties.... bEck... emOcore.. nicK. 010326
Chrity go to:
mmm aric loves becky 010606
Dafremen Nocturnal has a thing for Johnny_West which is cool. What Johnny doesn't know however is that for some reason, she's also hopelessly addicted to ME. Poor girl. A craving that she can never satisfy, what a wretched fate for a sweet, (if not particularly brilliant) young lady. 010606
nocturnal at work are you asking me to choose between you and johnny? oh the stress. who will I pick? this kind of decision could take days, weeks, maybe months or even years to make. (see: sarcasm ) 010606
Dafremen Why would I ask you to choose between Johhny and that which you long for, but can never have? No, I would never. Think of me as that unattainable star, keep me in mind, always ahead as you reach for your dreams, just don't ever expect to reach me.

(Pooor Poor girl. As you can see she's QUITE out of her head over the whole thing.)
birdmad counting petals 010930
ClairE Shakespeare.

Don't know why.
bethany harold loves maude
bobby smith has love to give in the chair where they take the wax off and stick in some more wire.
"stop, stop" said bobby to the doctor, who ate a muffin, blueberries stuck in side his perfectly white teeth. "now this won't hurt a but"*drillsaw* and licked his teeth clean as he leaned over bobby, while nurse jennifer wished the doctor would wear looser pants so his anatomy wasn't so obvious. all that while ET was on the screen and 2 weeks later bobby ripped out the backetts witha peice of celery outside his portable classroom building.

jackie loves french fries but i also say i do do? do you like french fries too?
shatazap i am so fucking confused 020520
- . 020803
IKC 56-80 labours lost 020803
unhinged i am concerned about a friend. don't read what i write here out of context. there are many different kinds of love. 021014
Mandijabster Jillian is my lover. She loves me very much so, as I love her. We are lovers! DO you have a problem with that? What's it to you? Just because we are going to shop at Ikea and rearrange OUR home together and that we love each other...doesn't make us lesbians...that's where Dirty BEcky comes in...we're lethbianth! 031007
Sean I love you so much mike...even if you never know just how deeply. Ill always be there for you, no matter what people say. 031122
brittany i loves some one 040207
petals Stephen loves Sweta
but sweta never listens

Like a clumsy fool
she endlessly wanders
to replace this love and laughter

A lustful summer kiss
More like a death wish
So close she came
before she packed up and ran
back to her escape plan

Now Sweta loves Stephen
but stephen can't wait around any longer
So she tries with all her might
to leave behind, as she cries

And stephen....what a fool
follows her a tool
rescues her once again
and this is how it all began..again
L. my keith
hopefully this won't come back to bite me in my ass.
what's it to you?
who go