typhoid Don't be concerned, it will not harm you,
It's only me pursuing something I'm not sure of,
Across my dreams, with neptive wonder,
I chase the bright elusive butterfly of love.
Leslie "Don't be concerned"...who wrote those beautiful words? 001214
tourist "neptive"? I always heard that as
"Nets of".But it still is one of those songs that sticks with you over the years. I have no idea who wrote or sang it though. Must've been back in the early 60s though.
silentbob i feel shitty
o so shitty
my mom has the album
ive seen it a million times
Elusive Butterfly...i'm sure i can provide this information soon! why cant i remember...
silentbob bob lind? 001215
knot meat you get a bit concerned when you already had the ideal relationship and it still wasn't enough for you. there wasn't a loyalty she wouldn't show, a goodness in me she wouldn't encourage, a sadness or insufficiency she wouldn't bear or carry or attempt to heal. kissing her felt like i was a teenager again, unaware of imperfection, a movie hero everytime. there was no mistiming of lips or hands. she orgasmed and it was like someone picking out the perfect gift for someone else for you, like your father taking you mother's day shopping. it was for her on your behalf, that beautiful and thoughtful, and everytime. everytime he spoke of a thought, she responded with the deep heart sigh that really summed it up, and which he had wanted to leave it at simply but was afraid wouldn't be enough. and she told him it was enough. and if this girl wasn't enough for you, he told himself like a prayer before he went to bed each night after he broke her heart, no person ever will be. 040408
magicforest Today I told three people that I was going to commit suicide. Nobody believed me. I would have been insulted by their lack of the concern, but they were perfectly right. "You would never do something like that."

Not only are my problems not a concern to me, but they aren't a concern to anybody else. Do you know why? The only thing that makes a problem a concern to others is if it bothers the person who has it.

But these problems DO bother me.

And people DO care.

I just want them to care in all the right ways. I want them to stop offering me solutions.

I just want you to say to me / Don't worry /cause I'll always be there / for you
knot meat don't worry...i'll always be there for you. the same way i'm always going to be there for me. which i'll admit, isn't much 040408
stork daddy my problems don't bother me half as much as the problems other people have with my problems 040408
magicforest thank you knot meat...

oh, stork daddy, you little clown
knot meat but me and stork daddy are the same person :( 040409
Phil There are things people should be concerned about, things people spend their time thinking about.
Perhaps people should do a little more "in the moment" activity.
Where at the time that you actually have a choice you decide to do something, for yourself.
Too much self loathing.

I feel held back by just myself. Still, uninspired by a vast majority of people.
And there are those who seem to make it even worse.

Sure you can help yourselves to the point where you need to be helped to.
But the rest is bullshit.
The president is a liar.
Thanks majority!

Feel free to pick someone who you know will be a good leader.

You are brainwashed into believing that the job is somehow important. Not even the job, but the people at the job, the people you should hate and despise, controlling your life. Your everyday experience. And they suck. But you give in, you let them suck up your experiences. You pray for a lucky day to take you away to some happy place.

Then you vote. and you don't give a shit anymore about anything you should give a shit about. You can't even remember, you fail to not vote even though you hate yourself.

I want everyone to decide we need to vote a second time, and this time everyone votes for who they want to be president, as individuals. Not wait four years of death and satan hell shit, but want to vote right now.

There are at least 1000 people that would be as good as any other "perfect" president. And a billion people who would be as good as G.W.Bush. But you all carefully place your vote into the biggest pile of poo. But anyone is as good as anyone else, so why not vote for someone else, someone no one has heard of?
You vote for someone who doesn't win, but at least it's a vote for a good person. If everyone votes for a good person, that guarantees that no bad people will get into the office of presidency. See: president, aka dude who creates American Policy. Policy right now... kill kill kill. This is not a good policy.
about how stupid this has gotten 041129
fix 041129

a flat 070317
fix i concerned about myself...
2 hours sleep a night for one month
i'm loosing it.
i'm a studid dick head...
i've made a hugr mistake
ohhhh shit
my walls have satin wood on them...
i'm too tired to read the tin.
what am i going to do tin tin?
i have to paint my room again and buy more paint.

i know you should cry about stupid things but.. i'm too tired to paint it again... and if my mother finds out she will hit the wall.

and it's mothers day tomorrow.

what am i going to do?

can anyone give me some advise.

my mind won't stop.
i want to sleep.
phil mothers day is in may 070317
oh! oh !

this is best friends day then!
Pipina mummy,

i don't know what is happening?

i have no idea.. i am just laughing....?

i'm ok...
all i wanted was a good job and a nice man...

love you xxxx
TRUTH hey !

when they say phychotic...
yes... - for six months...
(imaginings and visions of today)

- NOTHING MORE... promise...

I am in the same game, same lane... - so same pain!

no worries...

relax... i'm just as shocked as anyone else..

? is there a Thai boy in the house?
i hope so..
i was worried about him.
what's it to you?
who go