The Truth _-=-_] Visions [_-=-_

If The Gravity of God can Touch You

Then Total Silence never Falls

And only Music Levitates

The Sound of Love

Which Hears us all

If the Brilliant Light of God can See you

Then Shadows never can be Found

And only Visions can Reflect

The Sight of Love

Which Looks Around

__] (c)1999 [__
The Truth I recieved a vision a couple of weeks ago... It was strange and I have never had one before.

It started when I placed my hands together, palm to palm, fingertips to fingertips, and I noticed a new energy that I hadn't felt before. I gave it to God. And then I saw, like a dream, except I was WIDE awake,

I saw this giant EYE up above me. Out of the eye something started coming down towards me. It looked like a beam of light, but as I looked closer it appeared to be a network of vines or roots, they were growing towards me in a perfectly straight line. They formed this crystal like a spherical cage around me. And I felt fear, I sensed an evil vibe around me, so I focused on faith. I said, "NO!" and I emmitted a powerful blast radius that Shattered the crystal plant, sphere of branches thing, and I grew stronger, I saw that I was flying then, or at least hovering.
Then these images appeared iside my mind.
These jagged mountains through heavy rain. Dark clouds, ominous looking. And I "zoomed in" to one of the tallest mountains, a triangular peak. It's peak started flashing and changing colors very rapidly, like a strobe light rainbow triangle or something. And the scope of my vision watched that for a while, then the inside of the triangular strobe started spinning into a vortex, faster and faster. Until finally it resembled that symbol on the back of the dollar bill, the eye inside a triangle. It said to me, "I am with God." And I pondered that for a bit, and it didn't seem like the truth to me. I said, "I believe you are trying to lie to me!"

All of a sudden it faded, I opened my eyes and said, "God's Country."

I don't know why I said that. But I knew something strange had just happened. I immediately noticed the silence, so there must have been a lot of noise in my vision, but I don't recall any.

I think it means...well, I just had to delete it, God won't let me tell you what it means, for some reason.
unhinged i used to have visions of us together. you smiling and holding me with your obviously strong arms. but i've abandoned that. the unreality of it has made me cry too many times. i don't want to cry about you anymore. yesterday when you smiled at me i thought i saw your heart down there somewhere. but you were being led off by a cute little thing to somewhere that would make you happy. so i've abandoned that. but your smile still makes me cry. 010808
martyr i have been having very disturbing visions of late....
i find myself nodding off constantly, and in these troubled sleeps, i see everything spinning, someone chanting "here is justice, here is punishment, here, in me." when "here, in me" happens, a view of a bloodstain.

the world spinning apart, spiralling off in all directions, leaving only the core, which spins faster and faster, until nothingness

this final one that i can remember is my far the most gruesome.
a background of fire
infants on chopping blocks
martyr for the love of life itself, why do i have these dreams and visions?
split droner and then the mountain collapses
on top of the hammock
and seventy thousand dreams
get buried like a tyrant falling
within a castle that crashes
from repeated catapulting

the truck explodes into
seventy thousand pieces
after hitting nostalgia central hotel
the place where the driver
found out that his entire
world rested suspiciously
on the middle of a slope
that was ready for an avalanche
to come barreling down
covering the driver with
seventy thousand tons
of snow that tasted terrible

there is this throat
that constricts as if
it were ready
for seventy thousand pythons
to take turns crashing
the breath out of him
as if it all was forecasted
before the act was even happening
so he chokes uncontrollably
according to his own invisibility
what's it to you?
who go