klairchen Do you ever go through the day thinking about all the little things you could say on blather? Like do you think of writing about shadows or juice while standing in line at the library and then thinking, "oh! I must remember to write about that on blather!"? Or do you come to some startling revelation about yourself, say why you are such a procrastinator, then have the urge to write about it on blather? So, in other words, does blather consume your mind everytime you think of something worth saying throughout your days and nights? 001019
Return of the Eruth Be actually...no

thank you very much
Barrett At times I HAVE found this to be so.
I feel like I'm addicted when it happens. But really, how many people does anyone have in their life that they can just spout to. Especially without being judged.
Plus, where else can I tell cute fuzzy little bunny stories without being placed in a sanitarium.
what's it to you?
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