emma feigned addiction is trendy.
genuine addiction is very ugly.
nameless i ccan never understand addictions 991217
andrea it's amazing how liberating this is
type and send it out to the world
a release of my emotions to unseen
observers who will not judge

at least if they do, i can't hear them
alexit that word

hate the reality
gaudior she didn't know what made her stay, certainly he held nothing for her but more pain, he had other things to care for, she had better prospects, yet she couldn't bring herself to leave, a morbid fascination trapped her into an endless cycle.

"i will not stay..."

"i can not go..."
jupiter addicted to her skin, her smell, her toach, her kisses, i need her in my blood. if this is an addiction then i am addicted to her. 000131
jupiter addicted to her skin, her smell, her toach, her kisses, i need her in my blood. if this is an addiction then i am addicted to you 000131
lotusflower i can never have enough. 000213
Wild Bill Might as well face it, I'm addicted to love! 000414
Equin0x I have been on ICQ at three o'clock in the morning for three, four, consecutive nights. I can't remember how many. I don't even enjoy it any more. 000524
Zoe addiction is horrible. i used to be adicted to just about everything. my favorite feeling in the world was taking that first puff on a joint after i was shaking from going too long without one. now i'm only addicted to drinks. i can't seem to conquer that one. don't let yourself get addicted to anything. i found out the hard way. 000716
Tank she was addicted to cigarettes. she smoked them until she slept for a really long time. 000716
Jourdain_Tate what would it be for me to be an addiction? would it be my ivory skin or my deep eyes or my soft touch? maybe nothing and everything...i toy with the idea that i can be loved...because isn't that what addiction is? to love something or someone so much that you can NOT put it down? i feel as though i have been discarded like an unwanted card in a game of poker. Men are addicted to...i don't know or i can't say.... 000914
blue i feel so confused right now and i really need someone to talk to please help me!!!!!! 010404
Gumbie hey, blue... i've been an addicted of love, until it ended. now i'm a shadow on earth.
if a shadow has a shoulder i'd share it with you.
e diet pepsi 010405
carden sadly, i'm addicted to fruit works...strawberry-melon 010405
Sondra Everybody is addicted to some sort of thing. Myself, I'm addicted to many different types of things. One of them is Arizona Green Tea. It's great hot or cold. I bye at least one bottle everyday. That is a harmless addiction, except that my bladder pays for my drinking. I'm also addicted to infatuation. I often find myself "in love" with some boy who later turns out to be a very ugly person. I think I like the intensness of feelings like that. The feelings that come to you when you hear his name or anything that reminds you of him, which could be anything if you think about it long enough. Anyway, addictions are in everybody, and you can never get rid of them. Sure you can shove them to the back of you and try to forget about them, but someday they'll resurface. 010626
constella you mouth begins to water
you have an itch in the back of your mind,
the day is too hectic
the night too long
the moon too blue
the sun too bright
you need something to pacifey this hunger
this need
Toxic_Kisses I'm so glad I'm not addicted to chat any more. 011218
angie i have a very addictive personality...i am already addicted to this
its crazy
i am addicted to talking online
playing pool online
and dominoes
and minesweeper
and everything...
she Savour the addiction,
Savour the affliction,
Savour me.
phil today 020729
cole "totally addicted to Jake
niska I'm addicted,
you're afflicted

you and me-ee
you and me-ee-ee...
the red baron hi my names antonio
and im a drug addict
i also like guys
yes, i like to suck dick
one day i smoked weed
just to try it out
i wanted to see
what the hype was all about
i told myself,
id only do it once or twice
but as it turned out
i did it more than thrice
it started to bore me
so i tried something new,
i ate some dried shrooms
and it really pulled through
but before u knew it
they got really boring
i decided to try coke
and i felt like i was soaring
thats the end of it
thats how my story goes
and know its not that great
but hey, my life really blows
sylphide I was, to you that is, Well not so much you, but i was addicted to thinking about you. Wondering, more-so. Yes wondering, 'What the hell is this?' 'What have we gotten ourselves into that's left me so embarassed and you so distant?'
I was addicted until i cried for you. Bad-kid, Rough and tough and dangerous, who woulda thunk it? In that drunken stupor i was in (i hate to say it) but i needed to cry you off my mind.

And hey, you're still on my mind today, only now it's a little more bearable. Bearable in this, my 'addict's numb'.
is it french? to Led Zeppelin
especially "Going to California"
and "Tangerine"
.Zeppelin is poetry.
:_) addicted to blather.
damn that makes me so mad!
google hates me.
it wants to torture me
by making me search for my own name
and then find blather
and i can't leave
please help
i'm afraid that
it will make me lose
everything important to me
but i guess it's safer than crack
sort of...
sahba im addicted to that thing about driving
im addicted to having something to do
im addicted to life because as hard as i try i cant let go of it i cant tell myself you dont need this shit you dont want it
but you just cant
cant let go of this
unhinged am i still addicted if doing drugs is the only thing that makes me happy?

i used to cry about my shackles but sometimes it's just so much better to give in to them and have fun being a fuck up.
ambermoon i wish i could say im not addicted but that would only be a lie to you and myself. i want you more and more each day. 040218

june Yeah! Now what's wrong with blather?
It's not working.
zanna i'm addicted and yearning.
i believe i may be fucked.
meg to you. 040323
Borealis to watching your profile, in the halflight of that darkly curtained room.

there could be so much potential here...
panicaitlin orbit gum.
what's it to you?
who go