charley see: blather (almost as bad as coffee) 980907
[marissa] like druuugggsssss

into our bulging purple mines;
of blood that runs and splurges and sleeps.
seeping into our unconscious.
this addiction:
wine to water.
drink our tears; turn them into kisses.
miniver Not enough time to save the daylight. 990629
jessica it's not the habit, it's the disease. 990922
spikey-ho you have to
you have to
you have to
you have to
mareberry can't get you out of my head. can't feel myself when i'm near you. no matter what i do, you're there. you're here. you're inside me and i can't run from the truth. i'm addicted to your lies. to your sweet words. all i want to do is be near you, breathe your breath, hear your laugh. let me lose myself in your whirlwind of thoughts and let me die there. let me be the one. 000106
Old Hick Define me. Destroy me.
(As long as you're not immoral or illegal)
lisa she glances in the water
and a face stares back
a strangely altered face
almost demonic
she gasps and turns away
'is that me?'
she looks back
the wide-eyed empty stare
the expressionless face
'that can't be...
what have i done?'

devils are difficult houseguests
they don't always leave when you ask
doggy amphetamine
I like amphetamines
cause amphetamines
are nice
frippy I do not need another one of these. 000424
sunny maybe, rather than telling you how much i love you, i should tell you how much i need you, and could never live with out you, how sick i get when your not here, how, i really need help, cause i cant live like this. 000524
Brad Might as well face it, you're addicted to love 000524
MollyGoLightly *pinches brad*

for shame!
moonshine this is god speaking.. 000525
amorfus is it bad to be addicted to god? 000525
typhoid only if you're snorting 000605
Faerie*of*Undines Holds your head under the water
and leaves you to die
After all it was just one bad trip...
Splinken Me and all the Woo-girls on a friday night in a small town, popping Mini-thins and drinking Wine Coolers. What a ridiculous, exhilerating time. 000614
silentbob drugs are everywhere
drugs are everywhere
drugs are everywhere
you cant stop them.
legalize it make it profitable, ensure its longeivity.
drugs aren't a law enforcement issue: addiction's a disease.
For sure! Does anyone else find this website addicting? 000712
nonameneeded (go to alcohol, read what i had to say, you might find it amusing) 000826
AntiLogic i hate addiction
tim-acid, x
my dad-alcohol
my girlfriend-alcohol
my mom-pills

and yet i still do drugs....
j_blue me too. i think its good to differentiate. 001009
La La Marijuana
LSD and Coke
Every single day
I want another
A spliff here
A hit there
You know
I don't really care
What harm
You do to my brain
I won't even remember my name....
mmm talk addiction, my computer has been on for over 90 hours 010324
vampers im addicted to life, yet i hate it at this moment, go figure 010324
surrealchereal we're all the same,
us addicts you know
to sensitive to cope,
to sensitive and it shows.
we are bright precocious children.
but they try to snuff us and
dull out spirit.
our feelings are hurt,
our brains are cramped.
we take control of our lives,
emerging into adult hood.
then proceed to do to ourselves,
with our addictions,
what they did to us all our lives.
unhinged hey
that's like perceptive or something
i haven't agreed with something that much that someone wrote here in awhile

i haven't had a cigarette in 24 hours...
Allison I think the makers of Tylenol PM are lyers. I'm emotionally addicted to it. I need it. I love it. 010723
Norm It's a concept of will power. You can will yourself to not feel pain, you can will yourself to go on, you can will yourself forget about what your body says it chemicaly needs and just quit. I smoked for a year I was just a kid I stopped cold turkey and never thought of it again. I quit drinking for 3 months just to prove I'm not addicted. it's a matter of self preception and how strong you are with out it and how strong you are against it. 010827
unhinged "addiction like a stray
dog will only stay
if fed and watered everyday"
~frank silver, ivet

i wrote this quote on a practice room wall and you would be surprised how much controversy it started
Jen I Love Witchcraft and Is extremely
interested in it
unhinged i'm psychologically_addicted to weed. 011001
la tantalizing 011002
yoink unhinged speaks truth

guess what i just did?
papabear everyone is addicted to something. I at least admire those addicted to drugs for not doing it half ass. At least drug addicts have a brief exhilation. Most addicts slip into their addiction with no defining moment. The people who become addicted to work and look to their jobs for signs of approval from their boss, their friends, or their families. What about the people who become addicted to golf so that they can escape their families and chase a little white ball like it makes a damn in their life, but they disquise this escape from reality as a sport. In fact most sports are nothing more than a means of escaping reality. What bearing on the real world does any outcome of any game have? None. But you see people everyday putting all of their energy into rooting for one team to be the best, because if their team wins somehow that makes them feel like a winner, and they live for that feeling and get addicted to it. Others get addicted to Church, or reading, or television, or the computer, or gossip, or fried chicken. The point is. Everyone looks to something else to take their mind off of things that they don't want to deal with, some way to escape, some way to avoid intamacy with other people, some way to make it all feel better for a little while. I just like the drug addicts because at least they don't half ass it. If its worth doing, its worth overdoing. 011114
ilovepatsajak i'm addicted to tweezing my eyebrows so much that i make myself bleed. i have to get every little one it's like ocd. 011115
birdmad i used to wash my hands 15 times a night right after i kicked heroin, it was part of an odd nightly routine i used to have

get up
make sure back door is locked
make sure stove pilot is still lit
make sure front door is locked
wash hands
go back to bed

it took a year of conscious effort to break that habit

there were times when my hands would get so dry from the excessive washing that they would crack and bleed
forgetful_experimentor Third day without cigarettes is the hardest. I can't deal with people at all and I can't study. My mind is making up strange fantasies involving eating out a girl for a puff on her cigarette (because then I'd have deserved that puff, it wouldn't be bad like lighting up).. The third day without cigarettes is the hardest, I think if someone comes up to me right now and interrupts me my underfed nicotinic receptors will explode all over them.... and to think, I got addicted to cigarettes on purpose. I wonder how much like PMS this feels. 011124
ClairE blather 011126
Annie111 See: Snood 011127
she breathe it in
and breathe it out.
and pass it on
it's almost out.

we're so creative
so much more.
we're high above
but on the floor.

it's not a habit
it's cool
i feel alive.
if you don't have it
you're on the other side.

the deeper you stick it
in your vein
the deeper the thoughts
there's no more pain.
i'm in heaven.
i'm a god.
i'm everywhere.
i feel so hot.
hey now! im an addiction for one person.
too bad hes not my addiction too. that would make things so much easier.
ellen cherry charles My addictions are all emotional.
I'm addicted to a feeling of connection.
I'm addicted to feeling accepted.
if i knew what love was I'd probably be addicted to that, too.
if you find the shape of love, let me know.
silent storm You were my love.
My lifeblood.
My addiction.
nemo im addicted to you 020206
t44 jesse is an addiction 020220
admit one like an itch in your brain bullying all thoughts of rationality for attention. 020421
lycanthrope if in dreams, footsteps can leave their marks, the stones leading to your door would be worn to sand. 020421
admit one if stalking someone in their dreams is your addiction, maybe you should get some psychiatric help. although, i don't know which is more harmful, stalking someone in reality or in their subconscious... 020424
knot me it seems to me that they're stalking him...i mean...if they're shading everything, if their garish face only admits to their prevalance while he's asleep, it would seem he's being hounded by her. That she's lurking in the shadows of every move he tries to make, and only clear for moments! He should get a restraining order, but it's really hard to explain to people that you need a restraining order from your perception of someone else. 020424
knot me or him...the gender wasn't clear...he could be talking about perhaps a library...a house of knowledge 020424
poeticmisfit to blood, scars, pain....

to you, to love, to feeling good.

to the way it makes me feel so happy inside.

to the high of the weed....(not the weed. )

to my own desires
phil today 020729
and-then lover, dirty
and dangerous as you are

I will bend to you
breathe your purewhite

come, lover
we'll enjoy ourselves to death
ambermoon *YOU* 040202
misstree i will not
i will *not*
give over control.

shit. how long have i been here?

i hope my muscles are still strong enough to work this dulled blade through the tendons...
stand back... this will likely spatter...
applegirl picture crumpled pieces of paper
crumpled in a corner
like the withering old men
and the junkies on the corner
with their shaky skinny hands
and their pretty jutting bones
and she is a shimmer in their land
she is chemicals that cut into
the minds of geniuses
she is intoxication that leads them
like holding hands with a boy
and leads him over to a place where there is glass on the ground
and he doesn't notice anymore
taffy its like breathing 050915
jen water on
5 pumos of soap
2 paper towels
water off
divine madness that which ties us down..
.. unable to release us..
for we are entirely to intrigued..
a mind-fuck..
stork daddy of one form or another, all i seem to have these days. 060720
. to orgasm 060721
RoaulDuke a vice better left unscrewed 060721
misstree i can feel the ghosts in his veins
but i know the marble glow of his skin,
full of life, and know it no longer belongs
to *that*, but what promise
that spirals won't claim him under again?

no more promise than
my own spirals can give,
i guess.
gold gold pony GOLD ! 070612
laced every man might be his own
but everyone must learn to accept life on life's terms
because for the addict like I am
addiction is so much about life, death and desperation

we have a desease of perception and
all the insanity of a_bipolar_boy_with_a_gun
kuffsleeve your word despiration, can you tell me what you are despirate for ?

i am despirate to walk outside and not feel peoples pain, which is why i am despirate for the mountains, but i don't have to want them or own them because some how they are just there.

I am also despirate to stop smoking, who offered them to me ? why are they offered when it is proven they are bad for you, why does the devil tempt us and who is the devil ? i smoke because i am confused with all this noise around me all this wanting for more of what we all don't need.

Somehow we humans have caught ourselves in our own net wondering how the hell to get out.

Good health is a result of a good cycle, respecting our bodies, eating the right food, loving ourselves, sharing love, and caring for each other.

Someone wanted more GOLD and look, just look were it has got us. ( the route of all evil )

who started it ? are we still animals ?
QuietChaos A kiss is a kiss,
A hug is a hug.
A drink is a drink,
A drug is a drug.
me is the worst pain 070820
elliot blather me toofbduiwjkbcdadnjska;nvdjk;bvfehjkdshjfkd;sahjdfk;sahjfkads;hfjdkls;ahfjdkl;afhdjksalfdhksajlfgdsahjlfdhjsalgds'alfdsah'lfdsa 080501
minnesota_chris scientists disagree on whether you can be addicted to video games or the internet. I think that, while it's not like heroin, it's still something that can mess up your life. 110730
In_Bloom Never goes away.
It can be vindictive if not acknowledged now and then.
Tread carefully as you would with a psycho girlfriend because that's what addiction is.
A compelling lover, obsessive stalker, dreamwrecker and familiar guilty comfort.
what's it to you?
who go