Yoshi an arch in your life 010925
MollyCule I was thinking about this last night, whilst trying to sleep . . . basically, is it truly necessary to specify EYEbrows? Are there brows of any sort anywhere else on our bodies? I doubt that if I simply said brows instead of eyebrows, anyone would be confused. The same goes for eyelashes and earlobes, and . . . I think that's it. 010925
silentbob i have a brow above my crotch. its really gross, don't laugh at my crotchbrowq 010925
Persona they're really strange if you think ... little strips of hair on your forehead. they seem so natural there until you think about them on other parts of your face 010926
silentbob whoopi goldburg has none 010926
Toxic_Kisses Eyebrows express so much, surprise, confusion disbelief, that whole sexy thing some ppl can get a way w/ doing by raising one eyebrow az if eather to scoff, intrigue you or question your mentality, unfortunately there’s a lot of ppl who do the one eyebrow thing and just cant get away w/ it, they just look goofy yet for some reason az much az you want to tell em that you cant.
I personally have no control over my eyebrows, they do what they want and so I'm sure I look goofy all the time (So what room do I have to talk about the above? I don’t) One of the shrinks I went to when I waz younger said I plucked to control things, she said that my life wasn’t perfect and couldn’t control its out come I was trying to make my eyebrows perfect bc that was something I could control. Obviously I didn’t do too good of a job on that, I now just have a thin uneven line over both eyes of what’s left of my eyebrows. If I cant control my eyebrows how on earth will I ever be able to control anything in my life? (Mind you not my life its self just some of the things in it)
Syrope mine need to be preened, but i'm still scarred from the last time i had them waxed...that chick had no clue what she was doin 020622
squint smooth strip of uninhibited confusion, freshly plucked. 020623
becta if eyebrows are brushed the wrong way they make my teeth go on edge 050104
kymied I have my dad's eyebrows.
I tweeze and trim them twice a week.

But I have my dad's hair.
I dye it purple every two months.

But I have my dad's eyes.
I put in tinted contacts every day.

Thank dad.
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