zenfishsticks suspend it. 020126
Mahayana 24 [f]stops at a time 020127
chiocken theres a story about
a place where it rains all the time and when people decide to kill themselves they stand with their faces turned to the sky mouths open until they drown

"the spectacle of apocalyptic believers on hillsides staring up in disbelief at an empty sky"
my holiday spirit comes in a bottle some birds, particularly turkeys under certain circumstances will drown in rainstorms from looking up at the sky gaping at the rain.

stupid birds, stupid and yummy
sameolme suspenders believe? Your dissing me!
Its my will an your out of it!
Marcus Oh Reallius first blathe of the day?
at 8:30 am?
what the hell is wrong with you night-owl blather_bees?
pSyche Jesus can pick up ice skating in ten minutes, and I just can't in three hours. 070106
somebody How do you find out the time things are blathed at?!? 070106
nom look at the clock 070106
nom as the blathes appear 070106
somebody So there's no other way? How can I find out blathe times for 060504? 070107
pete click the date to the right of each post 070107
thieums I can't believe I am addicted
To *that*
I can't believe I can't get out of it
And sooner or later, it will
Bite me hard
In_Bloom Sometimes I'm just tired
I'll laugh with you and play along
But I don't believe in you
Not even when you're saying pretty things to me
I believe in what materializes and keeps to word
That's different than promising, you can keep promises- I don't want your fanciful thoughts
Show me something real, just a peek if that's all the fortitude you've got but at least it will be real
what's it to you?
who go