Quintessensual Immediately outside my window is a post, a humble post for a humble fence.

The fence, even with the help of the post, is there I suppose only to look at. It keeps at bay neither people nor cattle, neither lovers seeking my bed (and sometimes me) nor straying beasts seeking my flowers (and sometimes my leftovers).

Rather than dishonoring the fence and the post by making them stand up straight and hold themselves tight, rather than doing that and giving all my animal friends an unintended hint that I do not love them, their company, and the warmth they give this place, rather than doing such a foolish thing, I spend these hours doing post after post.
User24 ah 1der iff u kan ave uh msg tht ant gotany undrlines init? 010609
User24 evidently not. 010609
~gez~ eAs1 020830
~gez~ (here is one) please nobody post under eAs1 because that will spoil my above post, and the whole point of this one also 020830
randomly recent amazed no-one's spoiled it yet

snog But no one has told me what comes after post-modern? 040312
floyd maybe it's spelled postmodern dork. 040312
what's it to you?
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