Shar My grandmother would always say my siblings and I were foolish.
We thought it was funny.
We were young. But really, she was right.
monica i was for believing all my life that there are any good people in the world 000326
Megan I'm one of the most foolish people I know. I loved someone who didnt' love me.... in fact, I continue to do so. And yet, I knew there were possibilities. Endless possibilities. Other people had inklings, even solid theories, as to the existence of our love. We, or perhaps it was just I who tried to ignore them, atleast outwardly. To ignore love, to suppress it, to hold it in, to not share it, that is to be foolish. 001211
chanaka i was foolish to submit my poems
fodder for the all-knowing rulers of the critique board
foolish silly me
i suck foolishly
little blond who thinks too much For thinking with my heart instead of my head and letting it get trampled.
For only loving assholes.
For listening so hard that i don't hear a word.
For basing my existance on maybes
For only seeing what i want to see
for falling so so hard........
For loving much too much
For just being myself, i guess.

god, i love you and despise you all at once

foolish and bitter and diappointed.....

but yet, still hoping...
Aimee I think it's either foolish or funny that my favourite song is David_Duchovny by Bree Sharp... 010318
me I'm still upset about it. I guess I'll have to wait. we've all played the card of the fool. 010801
zenfishsticks "there's something to be said
for company in bed
this time of morning
you see, i knew we'd agree
how can anyone deny
the benefits of lying
with a friend
let's try it again."

~ apples in stereo
cube See apples_in_stereo...
stardust people are foolish...people are selfish and evil and stupid...but it's all because they're foolish...they don't realize what they're doing, they don't know any better 030222
Borealis I've been feeling foolish rather often of late.
I'd be well advised to stop talking to people..and keep my thoughts and feelings to myself.
I know I never will.

sometimes I wonder..if I even know what I want
Lemon_Soda I just am. 040503
pete dont be foolish she told me! dont be unable to afford to return to school she told me! go call all your friends and tell them what a witch i am she told me! i am not being foolish. i will be able to afford school. i called no one, because i felt like i had no one to call.. i wanted to be called.... thank you bizzy for calling me.. 040503
luminesence to what and why and whom and would one feel foolish.... unless one travels the path of thoughtlessness, you only need answer to yourself and yet everything we do is bigger than ourselves!!!..... is this, Borealis, the path on which you tread? 040503
Borealis I would no sooner invite a judge into my life, than would you lum. 040504
lou_la_belle if i may, i think i'll use shakespeare to help me start this one...
"I am fortune's fool."

Oh how silly i was
to think
that i
could ever have that.
i know i can't
really ever
what i want from this.
yet still i keep
just the same as the day before.
with some vain hope
just maybe, i'm right.
that i'm not
some silly
little girl
or a great big fool
for so heedlessly
luminesence Carl Jung once said....

"If one wants to change ones outcome, one has to first change one's way of thinking"

Borealis you could heal him 040520
starjewel is what? 090514
unhinged don't get too scared; there is a sane part of me that realizes how ridiculous my feelings are, after_all_this_time . 090515
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