typhoid forever and ever and never and sometimes and anytime and here and there and everywhere and this and that and something fat and ... 000704
nadeane a repetition of lost time
and a memory holds us back
pulling into a whirlpool
that swallows us whole
and shatters our senses
we go on hoping
for a rescue, a sign
giving us the okay
to stop at least for now
maybe tomorrow we'll
rest but today
there's more to do
a whole world before us
we never knew to ourselves
but now we wonder....
is it even wonder the transgression
to take one last look
at life
as we have known it
all along...
literal in an uninterupted sequence of time without change 010116
jen jen i wake up
at the same time as you
you get up before me.

i would be able to live like this, i think, for some time.
what's it to you?
who go