me We like to hang out
with ourselves
have a good time.

We don't do much else
Webley ourselves are more than one 020824
*nat* we only hav ourselves, so lets make the most of them 020825
perpetual puppet We haven't spoken to anyone for a long time, so we started talking to ourselves 020831
JadedEdge Some of the best conversations that we have had have been with ourselves. But we think awfully high of each other. It jus ain't all dat great when's we's gets inta...a...a...dissagreement I do believe. But then there is always someone else that comes along. It sure does get crowded at time though. 040223
The Fixx Are we ourselves? 040224
perpetual puppet sometimes, but they are only us as we see them 040411
three words surrounded ourselves down_at_the_shore 050317
three words slept ourselves igpay_atinlay 050318
what's it to you?
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