typhoid don't be certain
the sky is blue.
it may have changed when you wern't looking.
they darkness closes in
(sure, you can have my lighter...)
water nymph There are so few things that i am really sure of. Many things confuse me and im left dizzy from my thoughts. The only thing i am sure of is you. 001006
yoink one simple word. why does it hurt?
the context lessens the blow.
the period just makes it an uppercut
ladybird well i'm sure of nothing, except that there is an i

but imaginary worlds are fun
jaded_wings the only thing i am sure about is that i am sure about only what i am not sure about at all... 010605
jestification never...because sureness exists in linear fashion... 011204
birdmad of nothing

all's chance (or is it?)
jestification it is never.

because it goes round and round and never ends.
it will never be set.
ClairE ...UNsure! 011205
jestification yo 011205
*silent screams How can i be sure when being sure isn't an option with u? You turn my solid boxes into blobs that mean nothing and everything. Your words confort me, echoing down the halls of my soul. I want to be your everything, yet pull away from fear of meaning nothing. When it comes to u, theres no black or white, no wrong or right - just one big mess of everything mixed together. When seperate it could mean nothing, or everything, but not both at the same time. I can't pull one feeling out without the opposite, and i can't be sure of anything when there's to much and not enough of anything and nothing to be sure of. There's meaning in this i can't comprehend, but in a sense, it's meaningless. 021207
Syrope you think i say it just to hurt you, but it's more for my protection. i don't really expect you to do what you're saying you're going to do, so i can't let you think i do with "ok" (we'll call it pride)... but i want to believe you, so i can't say "no"...(we'll call that your pride). ...funny how you said you were sorry for today when i never expected it, and not all the other times i waited for an's just... once you challenge me with something biting and sarcastic, you can't get angry when i take the bait. you don't understand the feeling of overwhelming_emptiness and shock and betrayal that comes from seeking refuge in someone you trust just to be attacked... 030324
tWicksytRix as in... i'm so
as in ...whats in could just as freaking well be out.
rage sure on the surface, a mess underneath.

kinda like looking at the world from outer space
unbridled of nothing and everythimg all at once 041108
what's it to you?
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