grendel Oh Yes, and my Chainsaw 000704
birdmad Oh Yes

And my Liquor Cabinet
Bert Oh yeah

and my paperclip collection
Legion Oh Yes

And their shoes
grendel Oh Yes

And the Blender
Aaron Uhh Huh

and the coffee maker too.
mmm the one word that best describes me 010325
Spider3426 Oh yes, and your mom. Yeah thats right tom. 030122
Spider3426 yeah 030122
jonh no... im serious... your mom... douche 030122
p2 no shit sherlock 030123
Lilac ME?! NEVER! 030123
jaya rum ill give you sarcastic 030512
crimson We walk into class where a political cartoon is on the overhead projector.

Kaitlin: Are we supposed to be taking notes on the cartoon or something?
Me: No. You have to make an exact replica of the cartoon.
Kaitlin: Woah. That is going to be really hard.

I was being sarcastic.
She was not.
epitome of incomprehensibility I have a funny anecdote too!
In math class once (grade 11, last year) the teacher had gone out for some reason and practically everybody started discussing the new video game Halo. Noticing my silence (I know absolutely nothing about Halo), this guy Stephen asked me, "Do you play video games?"
Me, "No."
Stephen, "Well, does your brother?"
Me, "No."
Stephen is concerned by now. He thinks there must be something seriously wrong with our family.
Stephen, "Why not?"
Me (straight face), "I guess we're just not very cultured."
Stephen, "Oh."
Stephen, "He does read books though, doesn't he?"
Me, "Yeah."
Stephen nods, looking relieved, and walks away. He's a really nice guy, and smart too; but I'm afraid sarcasm eludes him.
*SuPeR^ChIcK* sarcasm, one of my strongest qualities and yet one I dislike most in others. 060224
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