dallas Don't even start to think that you've come upon some sort of major realization.

Not just now.
ceorl more later 990422
mareberry each day turns, bringing more undying regret. someday we'll find what we are searching for, but that day has yet to come. i see it in the distance, though i tend to wonder if it is nothing more than an illusion. yet, my words cover my path, keeping me from the truth. i yearn to see, yet i know i must simply move forward with my blind faith. 990529
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tit you are wonderful.
you just dont know it yet.
you are beautiful.
you just cant see it yet.
you make me happy.
you just dont notice yet.
you can be so much.
you just dont believe it yet.
-please call me when....
-please let me be in your future....
-please dont hurt me....
-please be what i invision.....
Yanick Borg enigma 010707
Yanick Borg Publius 010707
freakizh i've been tricking you all this time. 010716
catherine still. 030218
etoiles yet -
what a terrifying back-pedel in a conversation which leads so many astray.
ROFL Why yet-i? How you doin? 031007
scorpion heart what's this yet? controversing yerself, eh? you like me more than ever, we've been going out for half a year, YET you think we should take a break...??
fuck off. ur never fucking me.
blooga yet...

for a moments pause

a sudden slant in the light

a momentary twist in the breeze

a tiny revalation

or something whatever
Machiavelli70 But it's like a promise. It makes its covenant in ways: still and eventhoughstill. And oftentimes it is a dark remorse tethering us back from our true desires, as the ball on a chain. It is a law, and lifts us up upon its shoulders or drags us down like a stone until we choose to let this go. 040304
lou_la_belle and yet...
there is hope
joy and laughter
see it hiding there?
not yet?
you will eventually
it'll just take me awile
to bring it forward
into the light.
0^0 Worst_is_yet_to_come 040605
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