Enygmatic It seems as though my life is one big mystery, sometimes. It's not that anything's not predictable, or that nothing makes sense... it's just that I'm a naive little boy just getting used to living. I'm horrible at talking with the opposite sex, even though I dream daily of being able to find one who can stand me. This confuses me. Why, if this is such a big goal of mine, am I so bad at keeping even a female friend? Oh well... I suppose I'll just retire to my journal and complain some more. 990602
parsley this was such a lovely word before bill stole it and ruined it by using it as his "internet alias" and now it's a lime green animated gif bad frames word for me. 990628
Brad a fun word to say 000521
skiblu to my waking world.
the internet.
grendel dis moi 000724
Glory Box They made it onto Dance Mix '94.
And I was disappointed.
It seems ludicrous,
And slightly dishonest,
To group such mystery,
Such Enigma,
In with the likes of
Red Hot Love Train,
And that song "Finally"
From "Priscilla, Queen of the

So now I listen to Delerium,
And fall back into the ways and means
Of a different people,
And a different time.
I lose myself,
And I
Love it.
unhinged the enigma variations by elgar are absolutely beautiful 001216
Glory Box Fuck your mystery. You can keep your secrets. I have my own. 010514
guitar_freak underground 011122
Lindsey he calls me Enigma Girl. 020705
farmfish the king is dead. long live the king. 020706
Bizzar I was almost wishing I would see your name pop up on my list tonight. You offer me a strange comfort, in the lack thereof. I feel a little better now, Ive had some time to vent, but I guess youre the one I wanted to vent to.

Thank you for being so far away.
never_is_always those Quizno's commercials 040312
white_wave monks chanting on Sadness_Part_I 040312
epitome_of_incomprehensibility -Who invented inventions?
-Why am i, when am I doing, and what am i here?
-This sentence is a lie.
-Infinity equals zero.
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