typhoid universal nonconformity 000408
unhinged impossible

cause all the people that say they are nonconformists are conforming to the idea that is opposite of current society. conforming is in our blood.
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Ponderer Give me meaning. Keep me breathing. Make my life worthwhile. 010811
Juicer 5000 calories per day, 250 pounds solid muscle. 091003
In_Bloom Maximum pleasure with minimal pain 091003
unhinged expectations dont create happiness

making goals doesnt really make sense to me. impermanence could rear its indifferent head at any moment.

thinking goals are unnecessary doesnt make my life directionless however
unhinged why delay happiness to some nameless point in the future?

(i didnt realize it til recently but all my practice and study of buddhism has started to permeate my subconcious and my actions.

i think goals are superfluous because if i align myself and my actions towards the good in the world, i draw it to me like a magnet. any superficial things gained along the way can as easily be left behind)
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