me? She was just uncaring
She was just untrue
She was just indifferent
What else could she do?

I was just a stranger
I was just subdued
I was just uneasy
What else could I do?

We were just the nameless
Souls that sit inside
Wishing that we were
Someone on the outside
Wishing that we were
The ones on the outside
Wishing that we weren't
The ones who were stuck
|sCaRReD*disTrOyeD| Nameless.

Less of anything, can in another way be more.
deb i sleep not
thoughts on thee
waiting forever
Tiffa I cry at night because I have no name
No name, they call me Tiffany.
I have no name - can't you see? I never chose Tiffany I like it but IT ISNT MINE!
I cry at night because I have no name and no one to give me one. Am I of age? Yes, I think so.

When the student is ready the teacher will come. Its Patience I must learn, but I know it like non other.
I cry at night because I have no name.
I have no name.
Tank that thing that creeps is upon me again. i wish i could reach within and find it's name, then the power would be re-addressed to my favour. 000901
klairchen Ok, it's so cold in here right now.
Why don't they turn on the heat?
Or better yet, turn off the air conditioner.

For goodness sakes, it's only seven degrees outside.

I guess I don't deserve to be warm.

I'm wearing my coat,
just don't ask any questions.
camille :o) 000901
girl_jane "Hey! You're Susan's little sister! Oh-ok-I know who you are now."
This is how I was known. I'd much rather be "Sondra" than "Susan's little sister" or "Janet's daughter" or "Al and Merilyn's grandkid"
It's better now that I have friends that have never met any of my family memebers. I have a name until I get to school. Then it's "Your sister always did this well." Or something along that line...I hate being the youngest in the family.
Freak He sits against the brick wall of the school building.


He hides behind his big shades peaking over the to get a glimpse of me looking at him as I walk by.

His hair is matted and his skin is pale from cloths that concel him from the sun.

He is covered in piercings and tatoos.

Alone, silent, waiting

me endless, nameless 030624
x sexless and scentless 030624
god scentless apprentice 030624
imposter It is a lot easier this way.

Maybe then she will listen.

Maybe then they all will.

Trust and comfort and familarity are luxuries that dull perception and clog your ears against love from those who love you.

and I spoke and they did not answer, it was as if they did not here, were not capable of understanding. I listened to them and I heard and I understood. I reached out to comfort them, but they paid no attention to my outstreched arms. I looked out for them when they were scared and when they were lonely I was with them. I saw in them that which I I had so longed to be and I saw that they had no knowledge of this great gift. To be given a name, to be defined as yourself only. To bar that which you form yourself as from the possession of all others. To never again be nameless. 031003
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