daxle He did kill a man, and yet his indifference is so endearing to me that I don't blame him for it at all 990516
R.A.I.N. I'm normal too, Maybe even less strange than you. Judge me not. Would a sledge hammer look strange protruding from your mouth. How strange. I'm just a person that you don't know, i may be very normal, you tag me stranger. 991208
valis i met a hell of a one tonight. can't wait to not be able to call her that anymore ... 991209
cares I liked him more when he was a stranger 000215
lokkust stranger than friction
it burns
faster than wood
disktropia strangest. 000218
girl i feel like someone ive never met before. i dont know who im looking at in the mirror anymore 000326
the Oracle mother told me not to speak to an strangers that I see, so I speak to everone because no one is stranger than me. 000410
Silent Bob She thought she was the strangest freak she knew.

But I am much stranger.

Wait til she gets a load of me.
moonshine Strangers are friends you havent met yet?something 000615
birdmad i'm alive

i'm dead
psychobabe your such a stranger but i trust you so much 010913
lycanthrope things i once wrote seem strange and foreign to me,
who will talk to me in a hushed voice, who will brush my hair,
who will go beyond smalltalk now?
camus exequy 020304
jon_dog wish she was so we could start over from the beginning and then i could get out of these damned friend pants. 020325
little wonder writing a paper on religion.
writing a paper on a man who never existed.
writing a paper on a cult that never existed.
writing a paper on love and sex and humanity.
writing a paper about a world i wish i could live in.
chiefnewo we are all strangers
noone really knows each other
we are all strangers
even from ourselves

hey, who the hell are you anyway?
and why am i talking to strangers?
ditzy_goth_gurl i'm a stranger to myself, but don't reach for me i'm too far away. 030216
women are wicked
when you're unwanted
streets are uneven
when you're down
trixie there is a line in "frankie and johnny in the clair de lune" about how we all really know each other- we can tell everything about a person just by looking at them and that we know and understand and want to love everyone...we are just afraid to admit this to ourselves. 030429
crimson I am attracted to strangers
I don't want to share my childhood stories
I don't want you to speak
Let's just walk around the neighborhood at midnight
Let's just fuck on the picnic tables by the beach
I am not accustomed to questions
Machiavelli70 His brain is swerving like a toad. 040308
photographed by the human eye Strangers become friends, friends become good friends, good friends become best friend and best friends become lovers, and no longer strangers 040430
photographed by the human eye My identity is with my camera and my books. No one sees that side of me. I’m scared to be it incase no one accepts it. I want to be the person who’s in the corner who no one notices. But I’m taking quick "snapshots" of their lives, of their emotions, their movements and their lies. I want to be in a coffee shop with music on low and my book open writing everything that I see, everything that happens and every little noise in it. Just to shelter my own lies. For that reason no one knows who I am. I am the stranger. 040430
Splinty I saw a lot of normalers today but not many strangers... 040722
*SuPeR^ChIcK* My friend of 13 years called me and asked me to join her on vacation in a city outside of the state I live in. I agreed to accompany her on this mini vacation.

When I was on this 3 day vacation from my life I met a stranger that made me feel again.

I was in a city where everybody pretends to be something they are not, me included.

All dressed up with my warpaint on, my friend and I went out to a bar. This was our second trip to this bar since I had arrived there. This bar was insane.

The bar closed and he agreed to show us around to other bars (this city neved closes), so we went to another bar.

After a while we ended up at this man's house. I had fully intended on letting evil take over and doing something that I would eventually regret because it would have been so out of character for me.

God was with me the entire time, he helped me through my desires to stand firm in my beliefs. It is wrong to be with a complete stranger; although, I thought it would be easier to be with a stranger that I would never see again.

Recently my life changed, my relationship of 17 years came to an end. With no self confidence it makes it hard to think that anyone would ever be interested in me.

But this stranger was, even if it was just for that moment. He made me feel again. The feeling of his arms reached around me holding my hands, kissing my neck. I felt again, my heart skipped a few beats that night.

I want someone like this person in my life. Smart, handsome, tolerant, soft, gentle, great teeth. For now all I have is memories and I guess that will have to work.

I was very intoxicated while on vacation, I almost did something that I would have regretted for a very long time. The funny thing about that is that I regret not doing it also. I am so disappointed in myself for my behavior while I was on vacation, as it wasn't the real me.

I pray that God will allow our paths to cross again someday but on a different level.

This man is very smart and caring. I would love to get to know him as a friend and not just someone that I want to sleep with.

Thank you stranger for helping me to get past some of my issues. Until next time.
the delinquent formerly known as R.A.I.N. if i am stranger
you are strangest.
what's it to you?
who go