jorge was I this past friday.

my oh my.
Tank i'd like to think that i am this every day, if i am not i am aspiring to be. intoxication, like passion is a wonderful thing to be held aloft and sunk by. 000804
vnus where am i? 000914
god i couldn't awake from the nightmare
it sucked me in and pulled me under
it pulled me under
paste! i finally synthesized a moose. radio friendly!

now i'm gonna go chair fuck the hutch.
theotherandrew It was amazing... everything felt so good. I just wish it was real. 030926
misstree i get intoxicated so i can pretend it's not real. 030927
werewolf details of a life that would've been mundane, suddenly become fascinating when that person has accomplished something great. 030927
no reasonugouyuyh um yeah hi 030928
User24 producing intoxicating results via the use of nontoxic materials is the cleanest and most self-fullfilling way to achieve the effects of intoxication. 031027
starjewel Strange how just the lingering
of his scent can weaken my every muscle

The familiar sweetness of his cologne immediatly conjurs up his image
and it's like he's there beside me.

Be it Armonie, or sweat and Michael Jordan or whatever it is that that boy wears, it never ceases to have the same effect.

My heart rate's not normal
I've got chills instantly
And my knees don't seem to want to support the movement of my legs any longer.

Whatever it is that they do
to smell so good. I wish that they'd stop it.

No. No I don't
But if I faint I hope he catches me,
because I don't think I've ever felt
So intoxicated
schadenfreude four years without anything gushy/romantic/sexual on this page. intoxicated is dead. long live intoxicated.

's good writing, i'm just in a bitter frame of mind. don't mind me. a bit too sober.
white_wave at this very moment. Weeeeeee! 040312
shivers swirly world passes me by
not drunk
but not here
misstree i was
until a few drinks
then i was just drunk
what's unpleasent about it?
ask a glass of water.

is drunk again.
yaris damnit im drunk 060819
ivyducktwilightseto one of my best friends was being a drunken bastard last night and decided he would take a giant swing at my face... which hit right on my jaw and temple. Dumbass. He was being an absolute shit the whole night and has been making a bad habit about doing these kinds of things... so I don't think I'm going to talk to him for a while. Damn you alcohol why must you be too much for my stupid friends to handle. 060820
In_Bloom That's when your flirtations start up
All your 'No's' belong to someone else
They belong to someone I think I know but am not quite sure of
This intoxicated you, I know better
The one that tittilates and flushes
And takes my hand
unhinged i wonder if you imagined that when you were sober, tearing my clothes off, eating my skin. 081004
Ouroboros I stand on the dance floor, smoking a cigarette. Usually I would get nervous and avoid him, but I touch his shoulder, his soft cotton jacket. Hello, and hello he replies. He opens his arms for a hug and for one brief moment our bodies are flush against each other and the feeling of his hands sliding towards each other behind my back is intoxicating.

And I spend much of the night returning to that embrace and fantasizing about what could have happened next.
In_Bloom "You cast a spell on me
You cast a spell on me
You rung my bell over me

Steaming... steaming
You cast a spell on me
I'm tongue tied
With you

I'll never forget...
And we kissed"

*Sunslide- Bergen track #6*
In_Bloom At least I am safe with you
No where else I'd rather be anyway
And whatever happens, happens
I am never sorry or ashamed
How could I be anything else but a breathing smile?
unhinged (i wasn't upset or frustrated at all when you stopped groping me to lay your head on my chest. i was relieved. some of us girls really just want to be held) 081205
hsg *and guys.

yes, i just want to be held even though i have a penis.
what's it to you?
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