Quintessensual I've just come across a special nugget amoung the 50,000 or so blathes we've posted. This nugget relates to legs.
It was on "erotic."

It has aroused me to be critical, but I hope tenderly.

It was posted recently by one of us who at that one stand styled him/herself as "psychosexual."

Psychosexual blathered: "The most passionate organ in the human body lies between the ears, not the legs."

That proposition is surely one of the most pregnant ever conceived.

Oh, pray tell! Just what is this most passionate organ, this most passionate piece of passion flesh, assuming any organ at all is capable by its fleshy self of being passionate?

Apparently not the ears. Some though would argue with psychosexual whether that be always the case.

Now the brain must be disqualified, because it has a role only as an extention of other organs, including those between the legs.

So is it the cheeks? The back of the head, with hair that sends electricity all over from a hand passing through it? The eyes, that send electricity all over from everything going into them? The nose? (Remeber where the bird of paradise went up.) The lips, that send electricity all over from k__i__s__s__e__s? The tongue? Whew, the tought of it!

Still, if passion rested on a battle of organs, those between the legs would sometimes beat all of those between the ears for the prize of "most passionate."

Passion is not a battle of organs. It is an all-body experience with a big dose of mind.

And when the electricity gets to the tips of your toes, remember those legs!

Copr. 2001
god oh, it's the nose. nasal sex is the best. 010105
velvet spasm

dallas turn around and see what's behind you because it will slip through your legs and wind up on the other side. 980820
Tess i cannot stop rhyming "true" and "you".

it all goes back (going back, jumping forward, then going going back, forward click, going back) to "you are not alone, because i am pronouncing 'you'." 991230
deb the things we wish for
hope for
dream of
sometimes are the things we
simply cannot have

life sucks that way 000803
Tank no such thing in my world. it's all about what you choose. (try to be conscious of your unconscious choices...) 000803
j_blue constrains 010124
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A.P. I would like to state as a matter of aesthetics that guys with thin legs look better than guys with muscular legs. This is my personal viewpoint. In truth beauty is so diverse that various types of male & female physiques look beautiful. I become frustrated when brainwashed males & females cannot perceive this! Why do stereotypes rule people's lives? A thin body is so shapely and lends much commentary on the inward architecture that holds the body wonderfully together. Muscular bodies are also shapely but thin bodies can equal them in beauty! Message to women: find your own beauty, forget those holocaust supermodels! Message to men: start running and forget the gym!

Arnold Schwartzanagger: very nice guy but he looks like a gorilla
sam the most diplomatic of the organs ... oh, how they start out being apart from one another and, with the greatest of ease, come together in such the nicest way! 020901
kenobi I fail to understand how can you disqualify the brain as an organ.

It is the reason for the existence of all other organs. They work merely to serve it. An extension of others, it is not.
crimson If I had nice legs...

I might bother to shave them.

I would wear skirts that make you wonder "Is that a mini skirt or a fat belt?" They would come in plaid and exotic colors.
Black mini dresses with long sleeves, and a collar, and delicate vintage skirts with big black combat boots would be things I wore freely.

It would be enjoyable.
emmi i went to thailand seven months ago and those mosquito bites on my legs still haven't stopped itching.

i often scratch till i bleed, at night.

i wonder if i should worry...
minnesota_chris eww eww I had a dream last night, I was picking at this itchy spot on my leg and I pulled a little worm out of it! I tried to kill it by pinching it to death (die little wormie!) but it was too tough, and got away. 040223
www.blackandredparty.de.vu beine 040422
puredream The manager at work calls me legs. It's kind of fun...

"Hey legs, how's it going?"
watermark legs are nice. homes to the cellulite and stretch marks, the varicose veins and bruises and scars and patches of protruding hair momentarily spared from cheap razors, and all the other testaments to life that people try so hard to hide from other people who are too busy doing the same thing to notice. mmmm. 041007
ds sitting next to him in the dark, i felt the strong desire to be next to him
touching him, barely up against him
i rested my head on what i thought was a pillow, but the light revealed to be his thigh
i blushed, he smiled, and now my stomach won't stop doing cartwheels at the thought of him being so close to me, and me not even realizing
hopturn my god, i love a nice pair of legs. charles bukowski once said that it was the legs that held the promise that drove men crazy...like maybe there was something different "up there" this time, like gold or something. 080312
music box you are the kind of person that would be good working in a dildo factory so stop dreaming of gold. 080312
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