andru235 i knew, and then i didn't. but i knew. and now, i only know that i knew. so i don't know.

but the reason i know that i don't know is because that i know that i knew. if i hadn't known, i wouldn't be sure that i don't currently know.

it's annoying, yes. but i will know again.

*sigh*. sure is taking a long time, though. i tried reveling in how much i don't know, but that hasn't really helped at all. so who knows...OH! I DO! and now i don't.

we exist forever, momentarily. we exist momentarily, forever.

not that i would know. oh, how could i know? oh, why would i know? oh, why must i know? at least, i don't know. not now, anyway. it could be any moment.

but what i really want to know is...ah, but i covered that already. i don't know anymore, but i'll know again eventually.

*sigh*. sure is taking a long time, though.
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