psyki You can't breathe when your head is in a plastic bag.

Instead, walk in great big circles all night.
jen jen interrupted

the simplicity of the singular


silicia i'll be that girl, that you would be right over
if i were a field, you would be in clover
if i were the sun, you would be in shadows
if i had a gun, there'd be no tomorrow
distorted tendencies i'll try my best to be myself, i always do. 010825
gtrr i'll do drugs 010917
silentbob i will hold on to your heart, i_will 010918
sphinxradio i will, tomorrow.

the motto of a procrastinator.
ClairE When you're not sure if you should say "shall" or "will".

A quick fix, a hurry-man.
coldmeShach My life, my dreams are going to end now...but as I sink back in my chair, I'm going to see 'them all'. I know I'm done with since I have traveled over the horizon and I can barely see my shadow. I see another's shadow coming over the setting sun that I was searching for instead. Will I remember the dreams I had while I slept? If I remember my life as I die, will I remember this moment too? Will I remember the time I wept while watching my life go by? I started to cry and I remembered that time I cried when my life ended. I remember the first time I died, and I remember the decisions I could have made when I was living. I was dead now. I wonder how many dimensions I have been in? How many Inner consciences have I gained? How many times have I have slept with all of the lovers in my life? I love my life more then ever when I know im dead. For a second I want to reach my other consciences and tell them, but I would just spoil everything. 021217
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