yummychuckle should I? shouldn't I?
why can I never wait, I always have to act right away, I can't sit and think about something before I answer.
But I'm forcing myself to this time. I hope. I am sooo close to picking up the phone and getting someone to make the decision for me...
every day in Maryland is a week in yummychuckle time. I don't have the patience to wait months of yummychuckle time before I can take some action.
Casey I find that you are the only person who can ever make a decision. Your friends can give you help and hold you through the tough times, but in the end it is your life.

Also, there is never a completly or absolutely right or wrong decision. It's yin and yang What ever you choose to do something good and something bad will happen.

Just do what you heart tells you.

(God I wish I could take my own advice)
yummychuckle wow someone replied to my post!
thanks Casey...
I'm thinkin...
Sensory decisions keep us from becoming the stay apart as individuals...and overcome the power of the masses 021011
PhotoChicken they r too hard for i had to decide between an orange 2 door car or a blue 4-door...but i definately chose the orange..i mean obvious choice there...who wants to be like the damn crowd..lets be unique 031229
mekeria Well, even better if it has a blue door and a green hood, right?

I mean, how fucking slacker is THAT? Ask Eddie Veddar - I bet HE'D give it 2 Seattle-plaid thumbs up!

Kudos for your orange choice, my friend. If it's of the antique hatch-back persuasion, you've definately made your mark in slacker society.

Don't forget the little people though, you hot jet-setter, you.

You know, Beck... Naomi Wolfe... Acid Test... (is that band still around?), and whatever other modern bohemian prodigies showed you the path to innner peace through vehicular ownership. (Maybe it was Evan Dando, or Shannon Hoon...?)

Oh, also, Don't forget to praise Che - without his efforts, those tolerant slaves of the late 70s would not have been able to craft you such a fine trend-setting (oops, did I say SETTING? I meant FOLLOWING! - Silly me!) ride, by hand!

Yeah. Orange.

It's like gold, but... Ornage-er.

And, your friends will think it's way cooler than the orange moto of yester-year, despite it being the car our parents were warned not to drive when we were children - for fear of the exploding gas tank in the trunk & what not...

Cobain would be so proud of you - If only he weren't as dead as the trendy Seattle orange car with a blue door and a green hood...

Sorry to be so pessemistic.

I'm actually just happy there's one more person out there driving, and not thumbing it, to be honest.
karyn Why is it I cannot make up my mind whenever I return to the place I call home? What is it that makes me so unsure of myself? I was fine when I was away. I left behind a group of friends who were never patronizing and made me feel like I was strong, independent, and secure in myself. I was a woman there. Here I seem to have reverted back to being a girl. I'm not living with my parents, I'm just back in a place where who I am to other people is who I was before I matured, before I grew stronger. I don't know what to do right now. I have many choices. Too many choices. I can work through them and I know what the general outcome of each will be, but I cannot, at the moment, compare those outcomes as to decide which one I want. I don't know how to place one of these futures against the other and say which one of them I want, or which of them will be best for me. I cannot say which I will regret or enjoy more. So which way do I go? 080214
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