sphinxradio one by one they pass us by, each week following the last. it's funny to think about how many weeks have passed, monday to sunday; there are those that hit you like punches and others that go by in a euphoric rush.
truth of life, i guess, is that the names of the days repeat but nothing is exactly the same from one week to the next.
Syrope why do the weeks suddenly take on themes? i never meant to have a "want to cry anytime anyone says anything to me or looks at me" week ...or a "see how many friends i can alienate" week, and a "imposing impossible goals on myself week and making things seem harder than they are" week...these are all things that should be mixed up in a healthy blend. 021212
IKC 56-80 "Looks like i picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue"

(and don't call me shirley)
leon is getting larger it's a hat, or a brooch, or a pteradactyl 021212
eklektic this past week has been a veritable rollercoaster of emotions. i cannot really sum up in words how i've felt these past 5 days. mondays are never good for me, but this one was especially terrible. the days seemed to drag on and on until they simply became one long day. there was a continual headache that drugs could not medicate. i had trouble sleeping and i had trouble eating. i didnt like coming to school everyday and having that unfamiliar feeling during the second half of the day, whether it be caused by someones physical absence or their emotional one. friday didnt come and go like i wanted it to. i was happy and in a good mood for 5 hours. then after i realized that almost no one was in the bad for the basketball game, either for hockey, debates, haiti trip meetings or album recordings. but i'm happy that i got to sit with maggie, exchange cds and talk. i'm happy i got to show alana "hedwig", and listen to dashboard confessional and the peter marsh group cd with krista. i thought it funny that marc rittenour and i got into a mock argument about what he was wearing and what color his hair was when he was at two amigos. it was nice to have ryan and paul play their saxes really loud for me because they knew i was in sad mood during the game. and it was nice that nate let my leg rest on his, not in a sexual way, just in a friendly warm way. but right now, i am mentally trapped and i need to rest. i have a big speech tournament tomorrow, not to mention marc's christmas party. i have lots of homework, and i have to remember to call leroy to give him the english assignment - and krista, to give her the history assignment. and i have christmas shopping. a lot of it.

thanks to you all who made my week bearable.
minnesota_chris I have about 2000 left! 030128
tr The week only makes sense, when there is a Monday with you. 050201
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