nom i cheque
seams on garments
i check hems
i avoid nylon polyester lycra
plastic bags
would you like a hand with that please
can you tell me is this organic
is it time do you close
copypaste Today, I was picking out a couple of CDs at my local music store. After perusing for an hour or so, I began to make my way to the checkout counter when I saw herthe cutest clerk with the most adorable bang and black-frame glasses. She had on a Morrissey T-shirt. Instinctively, I gave the selection of CDs in my hands a quick Quality Control. Devendra Banhart, yes, Interpol, uh-huh, The_Shins, check, The Futureheads, yeah, Robbie Williams, hmmm. Cute Indie girl in Morrissey T-shirt, Robbie Williams, I don’t know. I really like thatBetter Mantrack, but that was before those adorable bang and black-frame glasses came along. Not that it’s any concern of mine, I said to the clerk in the Morrissey T-shirt as she punched in myMeat is MurderCD, but some inconsiderate guy left a Robbie Williams CD among the_Smiths. 070922
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