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the repeater an ill-fated emerson lake and palmer album. the plan was to cover traditional orgy songs, giving them a decidedly prog rock feel. the project was never completed. apparently, the producer reacted as follows while listening to a playback in the studio:

"that's...that's fookin shyte! that ain't fookin music! that's shyte they'd play at a whore's funeral, it is! dump that shyte in the gabbage!"

i get teary-eyed thinking of what could have been.

baby satan
rollins What does the guy have that you
don't? You look at him for signs of otherworldliness. Nope, he's just
a guy. But he's got something beautiful, and you can't help but look.
He catches you looking at her and he gives you a slight smile. He knows
you hate his guts. He's loving every minute of your fury.
sphinxradio do you want to...
don't answer that, not with words
let's not settle this, ever
just keep me guessing, okay, daniel?
let's try not to let ourselves fall too far.
starved the sight of them as they pass in the stores and on the streets makes me ache

always so close

always so far away
blown cherry I dropped them home tonight.
She was hungry, but all she blurted out was "hunger". She explained that grammatical abbreviations was one of "their things".
He said how he'd forgotten to put the apricot pie in the oven before, but that they could eat it when they got home.
Home. Their home.

That acceptably assumptive "we".
The unit.
Having someone to be with when you get home, not just a person around who you can speak at.
Someone who you can eat with at 3 in the morning when you're both about to go to bed and snuggle close because there's nothing good on tv.
Someone you can assume is free to hang with you because you know every step of their day.
Because so much of the day is shared.
Because they are a couple.
Living together in a flat.
Living together in a life.

I'd forgotten some of the things I'd given up.
nomatter a couple of fools
a couple of teens
a couple of loves
a couple of pairs
a couple of emotions
a couple of couples
blown cherry sometimes I just wish I could redo the last seven years 031010
Candy What it is to be a couple? Can you be a couple if you do not love one another? Can you be a couple if you just have sex together? 040212
what's it to you?
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