andrew@benicetobears.com invariably seem to have minds of their own. 980819
dallas I heard someone say some words once that I had never heard anyone say before. I didn't know if I could believe that person or not, but for some reason I did. 980919
caty That is the problem with words, you know. They have their own minds, strong enough to encourage understanding where there is none. How foolish we are to remain constrained by our language... and yet - here we are. 981005
ang words written on a screen are void of a great many things. emotion, meaning, emphasis, heart are all missing in the end 981020
e are, like, a bunch of word. 981026
nita sit golden on my tongue, but sometimes I am selfish, and they stay there until they melt 981120
Rainer Krauss I wonder what is going on. Sometimes I come about words that aren't in my dictionary. And in noone else's dictionary. Then I feel as if I wanted to scream, but I had no mouth. As if I had eyes to watch, but no brain and no soul to understand. 990205
adam are evil...they twist, wiggle and scheme. 990211
ceorl things we fling, louder and harder, against those who will never understand, deflected, refracted, inverted, digested, forgotten. 990418
mareberry the facade we hide behind, the ideas that mask our inner feelings, words can tell us so much, yet tell us nothing at all. tangled webs of mass confusion, words merely keep us chained, while somehow freeing us from the shackles. 990505
daxle "they're all we have to go on" 990516
groovinkim be nimble, words be quick.
words resemble walking sticks.
- jim morrison
tom words are the
e x p r e s s i o n
of the mind's eye

without words
we would have no sense of
s e l f
for we would be blind to our inner most
t h o u g h t s
megan can mean so little and yet so much.
the simplest action can say so much more than a word, yet sometimes you need the words to explain because the action is not enough.
N8daGR8 are tools in which we touch the souls of others. Here and gone so fast. Words are forever! 991024
me? pig followed would
lots speak conversations doesn't
acquired crashing
Colleen sometimes paper is the only thing that will listen to you 991111
benji taken
they are totally devoid of meaning.

only by association

do they convey thoughts.
nick are nothing mystical. they are an extension of the need we humans feel to communicate. sadly, they are poor representations of true human emotion. 991202
amy common ground. how i connect with anybody else that speaks my language.

like the streets or democracy or the big bang's creation.
Claire fall short of expressing it all, but they are but but one way we have of trying to express the inexpressable.
Be careful with your words - they have power, more power than some realize. Go gently with those powerful words, use them wisely.
deb i can never find the right ones
when faced with
instead, random nothingness
spews forth from my
saddened lips
while meaning seeths beneath the calm
waiting to erupt once you've gone
Salut Suddenly is my favorite word. 991216
marjorie small gifts to people that cost but little and change constantly with their master.... 991228
lizard petty descriptions that attempt(but never succeed)to explain the emotions and the reality and the sunrise and the brightly burning star that she is. 991228
camille the vibrations of thought in my heart 000104
Big Hick Words deceive. They point to things and cast light on things, but they are not things. Where is evil? Where is good? On a sheet of paper. 000115
bane who makes up real words? the president, a counsel of learned citizens? socialization makes us the bitches of the masses and language is their choker. 000122
Christy meaningless labels
that define me
or you
trying to hold a human
a creature of beauty
in a box of words
language ineffective
to confine a soul

I tried to describe you
painting a portrait
with those pointless terms
the quirk of your mouth
when you try not to smile
the individual wine
of your gentle kiss
the angle of your wrist
when you grasp my hand

I tried to explain color
to a blind woman
green, the prick of new grass
purple, lush velvet under tender palms
none of the words were big enough
or small enough
or beautiful enough

the whole dictionary
a collection of pale reproductions
faded copies of real life

just as the blind woman
tried to describe a touch
the words meant nothing
no term was minute enough
for her sensitive fingertips

like you say I love you
and my ears turn deaf
not from the words
but the tone of your voice
how it cracks
on the third syllable
then I see
the words are just a vehicle
pouring your soul over mine
hoping something will hold

so I make myself hear
tear open my mind
to drink in your voice
feel your almost smile
watch your vintage kiss
hear our hands meet
camille beautiful words Christy
Thank you
girl are to never be trusted 000326
angela Actions speak louder than
but how else is there to release this rage, express this sorrow, or transfer this joy to you.
you who can not see me
will not see me
for what i am.
you may not acknowlege the letters i've put together to illustrate the thudding in my heart. but i know you have ears, and you cannot deny the fact that you hear me.

amy no 000404
MollyGoLightly Are toys. 000404
birdmad "are so cheap,
but they can turn out expensive

words like conviction
can turn into a sentence"
me Enjoy a movie in the comfort of stadium seating at Edwards 12 Screen Theatres or grab a soft serve frozen yogurt from
Humphrey Yogart.
Live music is featured
on the Food & Stuff Plaza each Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening.
Musical styles such as Reggae,
calypso/steel drums, slide blues,classic pop and jazz
can be heard from 7PM - 10PM
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WoNDERGIRL there simply aren't
than can describe
this way you make me feel
and how
I feel about you
is beyond them
wordsmith words are part of the essence of
we hate words, but without them we
would not exist
Katie Rose It isn't your words that call to me. It's the look, the touch, the taste. The music that our souls are swimming in, lets me know you love me. 000614
Silent Bob I look at a bunch of the words that aren't turned into links and i'm surprised. words like washed and bring and week. It surprises me. 000615
klarchen People often complain that music is too ambiguous, that what they should think when they hear it is so unclear, whereas everyone understands words.

With me it is exactly the opposite, and not only with regard to an entire speech but also with individual words. Words seem to me to be so ambiguous, so vague, so easily misunderstood in comparison to genuine music, which fills the soul with a thousand things better than words.
Zoe your words that used to mean the world to me are now empty. they don't dictate my thoughts or actions. in fact i don't even care about them now, but i still am stupid enough to listen. 000717
Zoe last night you hit me agian. i can take it, don't worry about me. i don't want your concern or your apologies after giving me a black eye. what i do want is for you to tell me you are sorry about what you said to me. i can put some bandages on my eye, maybe a lottle make-up would help, but your words caused me to cry. why do you have to be so mean? why do you always have to tell me not to dress so slutty or not to look at any other guys? why can't you love me for who i am inside? 000718
wolfman words are like a direct line to another persons soul... they can be used in such a way so as to make two minds connect,... two hearts to beat as one...
because of them... they sometimes become unnesessary
Barrett My words and your actions are NOT equal! 001002
tourist vauge, unclear comparisons
genuine surprises.
wheras, essence illustrates
this allusion to illusion
Lucien Mean Nothing 001214
Rhin Sometimes the words I write are so harsh, brassy, and sometimes downright crude. It really bothers me, that I let myself come off this way. I think my, without-a-doubt 'mouthy' point of views, comes from...well, just the living I have done. I think sometimes, that my anger, and my anxiety, over things I have no control over, just seem to metabolize, into my writing. No one I know would think of me this way. They may say at times, that I have a quick tongue, but for the most part, what they would say is...She's quiet - a thinker, someone to count on through the good times and bad, meticulous - to the point of annoyance, & quite the elusive one. My sexuality comes out through my writing in a way that I am not used to, and don't know how to deal with, especially when I return to a page, and read what I have wrote. Sometimes, I shock myself, to the point of thinking, 'Do I want to know her/me?' I don't think I do, sometimes... 001215
mezzrow you don't seem too shy to me 001215
chanaka the most important thing anyone will ever learn. i love words. words fill my soul and stain my fingers black. every night i sleep wrapped in the embrace of words, because i love them, and they love me. sink into the power of words....wield them like lightsabers, for they are more powerful than anything else. i may correct your grammar, but i only do it because i know you are not using your full potential. how many more words can i learn today? 001215



rache Ive been writing all day. A long story for my friend josh, but really for myself. I can think of nothing but which plot to choose, which sentence, which words to put where.
They come from the air, plucked out from nowhere, brought to me by a flying dove.

A muse perhaps, inside my head.

As i re-read everything I write, I see so much of myself in it, it's scary. Then characters are all combinations of my friends. I simply can't stop till it's finished, everything is put aside...ooo...i just got a great idea, gotta go!
silentbob i found the most beautiful words i'd ever written
hiding just behind my eyelids
This dream's for you
i put them all together in a giant collage
of pontification and thought
never thinking twice about those that
look down on mediocre minds
this minute's for you
and i pinned all the words on a refridgerator
for all to see
whenever someone grabbed a slice of American cheese
they'd see my words
this silence is for you
and if that cheese whould make their stomach grow weary and sick with miscomprehension
or with comprehension of the fact that it was processed in a country that's main export is hatred, they'd associate
the words i wrote with that comprehension
this growl's for you
and then they'd blame me for their illness
and i'd laugh and say
Oh ye of little faith
dont you see that not all art is pretty
rain clouds and happy little trees?
art is an expressino of life, perception, some level of truth, the struggle of honesty
overcoming learned behavior
its designed to make you think
not make you feel better in an already babylonian universe
This heartbreak is for you.
sleepless Cherish (I did. Too much)
Sadness (I have. I had)
Almost (So nearly. Not really)
Madness (In pieces. Unleashes)
Selfish (So very. Too much)
Needless (Unwanted. Unhurried)
Witless (Not only. But also)
Heedless (To listen. To miss)

Feeling (Whenever. Whatever)
Healing (Forever. Or never)
Trying (You are. Very)
Prying (Tearing. Uncaring)
Pleading (Kiss me. Kill me)
Bleeding (Wincing. Flinching)
Seeing (Blinding. Not finding)
Fleeing (Leaving. Believing)

And then the sun rose
On another autumn day
The child put his toys away
And returned to the circus ring.
sherrila i'm wanting to: type to/talk with you, meow..but you're not here, so i'll type to myself where you can still see it. hee. i'm thinking of wounds. how they heal from the bottom and the top, always leaving the soft middle largely unhealed. or raw longer. and because we don't see it, we don't realize- we're not mindful to be gentle of it. we just go-go-go. and we don't remember what branch caused which scar, only that we got it climbing trees, or kissing. and it doesn't stop there. i have a HOLE through me, in his name. and no matter how hard i try to unknow that, it's true, and i do. and he stops being him, and we stop being us and i just go. and go and go and go, and my soft middle! and i remember how to remember and not how to forget, and i am all kisses and ghosts. they're just words. worrrrrrrrrds. words whir. i like that (and you). 010308
for20 Angel words are blinding. sometimes attatched to emotions, but sometimes laking the very fire that keeps us walking.

in the end, words kill more than actions. and sometimes...they burn you up the the core of insanity. like me.
jerrym ah yes, a very old foil
words vs action
but aren't they just two sides
of one coin?
words or action
a reality without either one would be incomplete

-in the end? shit! who knows?!
but in the beginning there were no words.
blathering perhaps, though we couldn't call it that.
it was probably improvised music-making by people just like ourselves.

Laotzu put it like this:
Existence is beyond the power of words
to define:
terms may be used
but are none of them absolute.
In the beginning of heaven and earth there were no words.
Words came out of the womb of matter;
and whether a man dispassionately
sees to the core of life
or passionately
sees the surface,
the core and the surface
are essentially the same,
words making them seem different
only to express appearance.
If name be needed, wonder names them both:
from wonder into wonder
Existence opens.

twenty-six hundred years later
Bucky Fuller put it like this:
I live on earth at present, and I don't know what I am.
I know that I am not a catagory.
I am not a thing -a noun.

I seem to be a verb.

now difanco askes:
jerrym difanco 010318
jerrym i make mistakes
i'm with stupid now

difranco, i mean difranco
florescent light when words fail life dies

life's intensity takes on the plush colorfulness of which I can no longer find the words.

inspiration withers pale with the snow.
my passion, slowly shrivels,
ugliness, taking the grotesque form of a raison.

I am childless
barren - for she has left me.

where does passion go when it's not spiraling within me?
Did she find me a bore?
Have I somehow done her an unjustly justice?
Did she not find me a charitable host?
Does she come and go with the seasons?
More importantly, how do I convince her to take me back?

I'm so alone without her.
monadh where were all the words
I could have said
when I most needed

... word ... Word ...
peta they've escaped
and the sun is setting
time is running out
to say those two words...
13lueee i know everyone is listening to what i am thinking...if your so smart please tell me what to think...if you can hear me 010327
bluedaisy33 i hate it when no one speaks but neither do i 010327
abms excuses 010330
florescent light He asked me to tell him everything about myself in 30 seconds.
I remained silent for those 30 seconds.
I think that said it all.
yahelili don't come easy to me 010409
mpayton a drunk man's words are a sober man's thoughts. 010409
auroradawn People in general attach to much importance to words. They are under the illusion that talking effects great results. As a matter of fact, words are, as a rule, the shallowest portion of all the argument. They but dimly represent the great surging feelings and desires which lie behind. When the distraction of the tongue is removed, the heart listens. 010612
cali j a dime for your thoughts
a nickle for your spots
nothing bought nothing owned
maybe you should be at home
alone alive spot me a five
sorry we don't accept american jive
fire tells but it swells
pennies gallory
all over the floor
thinks its shiny
green pasty might be tasty with alittle salt
the dime was just fine
but it thinks of pennies all the time
sad but true this is you
Casey hurt 010625

words slipping out of me onto this paper
like the days that slip through the hands of time
neither one retractable
neither one memorable, or forgetable
tiny snapdragon swallow them whole.
spit them out.
chew them.
savour them.
suck them till they melt.
under your tongue,
under your breath ..
over my head.
sykoze no i dont have any words 010718
fallen angel a word is dead
when it is said
some say
I say
it just begins
to live that day...
ClairE Annie11 says, "all we have are words, and sometimes looks."

ClairE: hey
Anthony: hey
ClairE: what up?
Anthony: n/m u?
ClairE: http://blather.newdream.net
Anthony: what is it?
ClairE: It is...people can post whatever they want about a certain word.
Anthony: lol
ClairE: random thoughts, like word association...poetry...just funny stuff.
ClairE: i'm addicted.
Anthony: im not suprised
ClairE: haha
ClairE: Adam just hurt me.
Anthony: y
ClairE: AngryQuail (11:06:29 PM): http://blather.newdream.net
AngryQuail (11:07:08 PM): Heaven.
Adam (11:07:36 PM): or a complete waste of time
Anthony: HA!!!
KeyMan623 (11:09:42 PM): he does have a point lol
Anthony: love... ha
Anthony: love is just a word...
ClairE: a verb
ClairE: a noun
ClairE: something we all look for
ClairE: I love you.
Anthony: feelings are what really matter
ClairE: Love is a feeling.
Anthony: love is just a word, when words can not express your feelings for someone, it is then that u are truly in "love"
ClairE: My life is expressing life, experience, the world, what have you--everything!--in words.
Anthony: words blow
Anthony: lol
ClairE: :-(
Anthony: its true dude, its not the words that matter!
Anthony: its the feelings, and actions! life is about feelings not words
ClairE: Words are how to express life.
ClairE: yes, i see what you mean though
ClairE: yes
ClairE: Anyway, "love is just a word". So love is nothing? pretty mighty words.
Anthony: its like saying music is just notes.. not true at all, the notes suck, its the feeling of the music that u get when u hear it, its the sound that is truly expressed, not the notes.. when someone loves u, they should not have to tell u, it should be see in actions and expressions given from one person to another...
ClairE: I guess.
ClairE: I need words.
ClairE: Words are my...food. My currency. They're what I get drunk on.
Anthony: people can say anywords they like and pretend they mean what they say, but the word just it self means nothing, it is the feelings behind the word that truly mean somthing
ClairE: But you can't know another's feelings.
ClairE: Do you disagree?
Anthony: true, but you do know when someone feels so strongly, they do not just use words, there feeling come into play and they start to really get emotional, that is what it is all about!
ClairE: I suppose.
ClairE: Yes.
ClairE: "That is what it is all about"
ClairE: Are you there?
Anthony: words, are just what we use tounderstand eachother because we think we are all so diffrent, but in reality we all just want to live. and have sex! LOL
ClairE: Yes. But can we really understand each other? you think it's easier than we make it, i think it's infinitely harder.
ClairE: words make you nervous. when i press them on you. don't they?
Anthony: nervous? no... we don't have to understand eachother all the time, some people you can try to understand for years
Anthony: i should get going
ClairE: I suppose.
Anthony: just try to see other peoples view, thats all
ClairE: ?
Anthony: lol forget it, this convo is too hard to have online lol
Effingham Fish I am trying to tell you, but the words are not reaching my mouth. 011203
ClairE Words, words, words

calypso calling words are art, and we are artists... now paint a picture that would make Picasso proud. 020103
reitoei letters vowels consonants who can put the world in 26 letters? who say what freshly fallen snow is like or the first night in a new house or lying restless at 2 am listening to crickets chirping or running from the cops or anything 020110
no lie inside
just small enough to hide
when you're playing what's true

sotto voce words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup... they slither while they pass, they slip away across the universe...
pools of sorrow, waves of joy are drifiting through my open mind possessing and caressing me...

jai guru deva om...
nothing's gonna change my world.

images of broken light they dance before me like a million eyes they call me on and on across the universe...
thoughts meander like a restless wind inside a letterbox. they tumble blindly as they make their way across the universe...

jai guru deva om
nothing's gonna change my world

sounds of laughter, shades of earth are ringing through my opened ears inciting and inviting me...
limitless undying love which shines around me like a million suns and calls me on and on across the universe...

jai guru deva... -The Beatles
"Ancient Pagan" Words are only as valuable as what lies behind them. In this way they are like all things rendered. Words are valuable, not in themselves, but for their invocation of the otherwise inexpressable. For some ideas we need music, for others images, for others WORDS! Words structured as prose, poetry, essay or message are only as valuable as how & what they invoke! Words have mystical properties and when properly brought together are potent propogators of the etherial, astral, airy and multi-realizational. 020510
Rapounsel how can i define the non defined words ?
Besides how can there be undefined words at all.
Jabberwokki ?
Wooshin ?
Celebrated ?
squint can you beleive
they didn't have a blathe
of their own?!
squint sorry, the page they_might_say screwed me up and made me think there wasnt a page for "words".

or actually, it was just uh.
my bad.
devalis so many to be spoken, never enough to make it clear 020807
thea i hate words in urban legends. welcome to the world of aids. aren't you glad you didn't turn on the light? people can lick too, you know. the murder is scary enough, or whatever, but the fact that they taunt you... redrum... is the scariest part for me. sometimes i walk down the stairs and think: behind me is a man killing my mother. she will be strung up by her entrails when i come back up and her blood will say "lucky you didn't turn around." i am such a victim. 020820
blown cherry I seem to be short on them at the moment, or perhaps not lacking, but simply not putting them down.
I can hear them in my head, see them coming together to form prose for me to read some other day, but only if they reached the page.
Somtimes I think it is mere laziness, and well it may be.
But sometimes I consider that my emotion is not overflowing enough to flood my keyboard with little clicks.
In my solitude and pain there came tidal waves from the muse. Pounding from the inside all day long until at last the straining locks which already leaked could break free and allow the gush of sorrow to run through the ascii cities, tumbling along letting nothing stand in its path.
And my anger, my old and trusted friend. It's silent partner, hurt, is little seen these days, and my anger becomes fleeting without such support. It's fiery attack burning cold and dying fast, long before my fingers can find their niche.

Happiness? I once said that it too was fleeting, and perhaps such feelings of ultimate happiness, such ecstasy are, but a calm feeling of love and content sits warmly in my stomach. And this easy feeling is not one I keep in solitude, this time I have one to share it with, one I know will still be there tomorrow, when the darkness of this night has passed.
So perhaps when my cup floweth over as it were, it flows in one others direction, and this cold blue of night sees little of the glint of my fortune.
A biased little world does my "who" list become.
chaos Sometimes I encounter
A difficulty with words
When their bending, flowing shapes
Break off

And fall to the ground
In rough shards,
Tumbling from my mind
Like so much rejection
~gez~ i am finding recently i can realte any word, or post name to nat. its weird, everything seems to remind of her. surreal, but highly enjoyable 020919
a dash of vinegar the best thing about you
is how you cover everything from baked potatoes to sensual electricity
and all along
your only real wish
is to make their wishes
come true.
information note: "you" = words
not gez. HA!
information just wanted to clear that up in case there was any kind of confusion, and just in case anyone gives a flying fuck, which they won't. 021028
IKC 56-80 weapons of mass destruction 021125
*silent screams ..and once agian ur words hit me hard, one sentence and u shake the ground i walk on, stop the air i breathe, and leave me searching for words that just won't come... 021206
stardust words mean nothing... 030222
Sarta words, of course i have words, too many of them, words that still cannot grace the shadow of my heart, and each day i string together words that are supposed to somehow tell you how i feel, but they don't satisfy, for they fall short of expression... 030404
Grace ~yea.. 030429
Grace I have words - all my words I'll say, words to sell-
Words to pray.

-Open mouth words slipped away

"Who did my words hurt today?"

Words for you and words for me
What makes you think those words come free?

GraceandGlory ©2003
god remember when you shit on yourself? 030529
once again So many words...
written now,
and before.
So many hands,
so many minds,
so many thoughts poured out into the world.

World, these are my worries.
These are my opinions.
World, these are my dreams.

So many love stuck adolescents,
so many world weary travelers,
so many repairmen,
so many bankers,
so many lovers,
so many killers.

Words of hatred,
words of love,
words of terror and confusion,
words of happiness and joy,
boiling out of the depths of their souls.

Simple sentiments.
Profound proclamations.
All to take their place,
before the judging eyes of the world.

Are we worthy?
Are our meanings deep enough?
Our phases well turned out?
Are our authors worthy?

And the world looks them over,
towering and cruel,
but tempered with love.
For all those many faces,
the strangers on the street,
they all have seen the words
and heard them once before.
For all the world,
has at one time or another,
seen the words pour from their own pens,
seen their own thoughts on the page,
and wished only for acceptance.
Mandijabster Blasphemy,ironic, racist, apathy....

Ok so maybe I may not always use these words in the right context or know what they mean to express it in the right context, but does it really matter? If our president can make up words, how come I can't use already existing words in the wrong context?
nick Between powerful connotations and clinical definitions are the names we use to invoke our thoughts in the minds of others.

I really liked writing this one.
alus its been proven that women know 7,000 more words than men...crazy 031112
Unnaturallovely My reason for life 031118
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl words - everyone here has read the words on this site; its more or less the point of writing them. There are so many emotions that cannot be expressed through them, but words, even though they limit and constrict, can help to convey what we feel. We rely on words to communicate. When we dont have them we are lost. How strange. The world is made up of and is built on words. Lies, most of them. But still words. I believe i am born to be an author.


Because i like manipulating words. To convey different emotions through them and to put meaning where there is none. But in the end that's all there is - words.

It's so hard when you're stuck inside yourself and have no words to say, no way to describe the feelings you experience, and even if you do, nobody will ever know exactly how you felt, exactly what you meant. Everyone has different definitions of words, different connotations attached to them, etc. How can someone say they know exactly how you feel by your descriptions of things when they don't have your definitions of the words and expressions?

As i write this, you may not feel what i mean, and that is what i am writing about; i need words just to say this.

Crazy, isn't it.
zeke fail 040130
zeke remain an aproximation of meaning 040130
zeke supplant the idea they represent 040130
zeke are a compromise 040130
zeke leak 040130
zeke carry harmonic overtones 040130
zeke drift 040130
zeke remain after ideas pass 040130
zeke influence what we can know 040130
zeke cluster, forming metaphor 040130
zeke become the things they describe 040130
zeke are infinitly plastic 040130
zeke dilute experience 040130
zeke record nothing 040130
zeke design response 040130
zeke are beautifully imperfect 040130
queen of darkness there are so many words existing in the world...
and yet sometimes i still can't find the right ones to say...
zoe really freak me. seriously. say a word for long enough and it loses all meaning and becomes just a sound. all the words we use are just sounds to express an idea, yet we seem to set so much more stock by the words we use rather than the intention behind them. 040212
Riva argument, beef, bickering, blowup, brawl, brush, combat, contest, controversy, dispute, embroilment, falling-out, flap, fracas, fuss, hassle, punch out, quarrel, rhubarb, row, rumble, run-in, set-to, spat, squabbling, tiff, words, wrangle 040309
paperthin life changing
expressed emotion
Joe P mareberry 990505 - so we're all sophists 040501
ethereal You can't fall in love with words...for long. They're not substantial enough. You need to be able to hold love, to feel it, to see it, to speak to it, to kiss it, to breathe with it, to run with it, to cry with, to fly with it.
You'll never fly with just words...so stop holding onto them.
Jairus the world revolves around porn it seems, you see an ad about a candy bar, and a woman is nearly naked.
their demeaning that woman, and all other women for that matter.. just to make some money @ selling candy.
Squalidangel And the value that they hold... 040609
... ..is it great or nil..? 040609
pete they came for a day, what a day 7june2004! and now, well now, they are gone again 040610
rjinswand refuse to staye spelt riught
litlle bstrdas
LavenderTraces The angel trumpets softly today
Barely a whisper
From weather bowed heads
And I must listen closely
For the butterfly has gone
And not returned

And as thoughts travel between
Slate ribbed clouds
Framed by a blood shot sun
searching shadows..
wandering how many strands
of tinsel silk
my words may have undone
mybrother luke says:
I'm sorry, I don't follow.
"...pretend you're attacking me so she pulls over." "What do you think youare doin, comin over here takin our pineapples... OW!" says:
I always feel like you are playing tricks on me..... I can see you thinking sardonic thoughts as you read that
luke says:
Sardines? What the shit are you yabbering about?
"...pretend you're attacking me so she pulls over." "What do you think youare doin, comin over here takin our pineapples... OW!" says:
yes, your thoughts are very fishy. No, I thought a man of your intellectual stature would know the meaning of 'sardonic'
luke says:
No, sorry? You confuse me Liz, I don't know whether you're making fun of me or not.
"...pretend you're attacking me so she pulls over." "What do you think youare doin, comin over here takin our pineapples... OW!" says:
eh-em. the oxford which we so handily keep on the shelf by the computer defines 'sardonic' as 'bitter, scornful, mocking, sneering, cynical (of laugh, laughter, affected merriment, etc) ...owing to belief that convulsive laughter ending in death resulted from eating a sardinian plant' ........you're doing it again!
luke says:
I'm sorry, are you trying to be funny?
puredream I ask all the time for your words. I get them once and I have none in return. Forgive me. 040630
JdAwG Having you get the words out of me is enough. You need not say a thing. 040630
puredream I'll just hug you forever. 040630
JdAwG I wouldn't stop you. Ever. 040630
pete all around me i see familiar faces
worn out faces
worn out places
wordless words never say enough 040723
one man one world i've been reading words typed up spat out and laid down with anger furstration happiness ignorance stupidity wisdom, god, people of every kind come here and post. i've had a glimpse into one moment, one thought of hundreds of lives due to this message board. are people as depressed as they sound? almost everything i read is dar, depressed, and hopeless. are that many people feeling this way? or is this just the part of life we don't want to tell anyone? why is that? am i thinking too much? why won't we tell people what we type here? am i missing something? from now on, i'm not gonna let this build up inside of me. no more will i let nager eat me. i will talk. i do not want to be the one to post a suicide note on this board. 040724
Crystal Words,words, words...I'm so sick of words...I get words all day through...first from them...Now from you...is that all you Blather's can DO!..Don't talk of stars Burning above; If you're in love,
Show me! Tell me no dreams
Filled with desire. If you're on fire,
Show me! Here we are together in the middle of the night!
Don't talk of spring! Just hold me tight!
Anyone who's ever been in love'll tell you that
This is no time for a chat! Haven't your lips
Longed for my touch? Don't say how much,
Show me! Show me! Don't talk of love lasting through time.
Make me no undying vow. Show me now!
Sing me no song! Read me no rhyme!
Don't waste my time, Show me!
Don't talk of June, Don't talk of fall!
Don't talk at all! Show me!
Never do I ever want to hear another word.
There isn't one I haven't heard.
Here we are together in what ought to be a dream;
Say one more word and I'll scream!
Haven't your arms Hungered for mine?
Please don't explain Show me! Show me!
indigodreaming When you need to stop and think about it,
It’s not there.
When you try painfully to make words rhyme,
Yet still make sense
It’s not there.
When they don’t just flow from
The emotionally turbulent, ravines of your soul
Don’t try to drag them unwillingly to the top.
Don’t try to analyse
And shape them
Into what others may want.
Let the energy from your emotions flow,
Weep like tears onto the page.
Feel them inside
Make them your own.
are stupid dont mean shit when you riddle through life speaking your retarded metaphors looks like sounds like is is only thinking about life you self absobed narcissistic mother fuckers 050325
are stupid dont mean shit when you riddle through life speaking your retarded metaphors looks like sounds like is is only thinking about life you self absobed narcissistic mother fuckers 050325
are stupid dont mean shit when you riddle through life speaking your retarded metaphors looks like sounds like is is only thinking about life you self absobed narcissistic mother fuckers 050325
are stupid dont mean shit when you riddle through life speaking your retarded metaphors looks like sounds like is like... is only thinking about life you self absobed narcissistic mother fuckers 050325
Nannerz Q. WORDS:
Think About This.
If Words Were Not Here.
We Would Have No Way To Communicate.

We Use Words.
To Express Our Selves.
To Keep Us From Being Lonely.
And Us, As Humans. Need Other Humans.
Or Else.
We Would Be Nothing.
Words Are Beautiful.
And When Placed Correctly.
They Can Make A Beautiful Sentence.
With True Meaning.
And Thats Whats Worth Living For.
A Meaning.

I Love Them.
day sleeper Imagine walking down the road is a shop that sells products at the market place was very busy today so i wont bother going until i find something that makes sense to say i wont bother saying anything at all. Made sense until it came out into the real world thats why we forget so much when we dream. Reality is like a program, like dreaming is a program. The memory file saved in the dream world can not be opened in this world. Not until we find a program that satisfys them both. I'd like to call this program enlightenment. 050509
shivers © 1998 new dream network. 60000 words
looking for the source code?

i havent been here for awhile but did i miss something?
dessiahs_song silvery tangerine, delicate beings
they float
latching on to netted souls
thronged in an infinite membrane,
a saucerful of secrets.

and words.
the magic they behold.
tchiseen its all abt them... over numbers unincumbered numbered words 070105
jaclyn a way of expression, the word.
the form of letters turn to sounds.
sounds turn into expression.
expression that turns.

how will you use it?
for peace or hate?
for love or war?
for what?

how will you use your word.?
tell me.
barefoot revolutionary you can know me and not.
you can chronicle my life but random words i have written here and there.
but none mean anything if you don't understand where they come from. the place i was in when i wrote them. who im talking about. paranoid people always think the bad words are about them. theyre usually not. self absorbed people think the good ones are them. usually wrong. its amazing to hear people talk and think they know me so well. because NO one does. but think what you will. read these words and let the assumptions begin to form. have fun with that. spread the word.
- - 080908
joey suicide 100208
re_alisma my blathes keep getting longer and longer, and i kind of wish they weren't. they don't seem quite as long as they are when i'm writing them. 101209
fir3cuB3 my daydreams are going berserk. i was talking to this dusky ravishing girl, intelligent calm cool chirpy...
she asked me.... how am i different from others?
.....you are like a joint (grass from Kashmir, on lush green, trees rhyming with breeze against arabian sea...around midnight half past 2) i smoked. You are addictive, tempting and rare....maybe only the one. ....
(z) (i do not remember blathing on this page. the ideas are mine, but i have no memory of writing them. strange.) 150427
lialei Words

I search for a start~
An End
An inbetween

Words are what I grasp;

A Clarity
A renew
A Forgiveness...

Forgive me, Dear Friend,
for Silence
for lack of Words

Restriction of the vehicle;
the means this time
portrays your blessed Aim.

Understanding is the Silent Space
Words unconvey

I choose words in trepedation; in Awe
in Sacred-Rite-Ceremony.
The Power in expression
the Power in devourment
Either raped or transformed
by perception
of differentiating Eyes
Taken to mean what they will
by a Seer from a different Space in Time
than the word's blood-dipped conception

I cherish words so in gratitude
for they gave me you!
A gift...they're a gift,
never meant for Spiraling
too far beyond One Pure Thought
in Time

I wish I could say that
I let them flow naturally
Yet with Care,
with Care!
If I speak out at All from this Silence
I shall select with utmost care
A Purity that Nature shant
wield away
within/without needs, desires,
twisted limbs of humanity's vices

Are words meant for natural selection?

Only in a time and space
from the Pollution of Gesticulation
the Smog of Greed and Self-Righteousness
that moves Voice and Pen
beyond Sacredness of Intent

the Purity of Silence
I prefer these days

in quiet, gilded space.

This is Evolution without Song
Without Word
Without definitions, confirmations
which ink would assuredly fail

this gift of Silence
I give to Thee ~
for further astray

A Vision that began begot
One Silent Song;
A Swan-Song, unfolding
kalaidescope expansion
from the most Visionistic
Inner Landscape of a Dream,
more precious than
a single Word LOVE
could say

There they are.


A Life, force-thrown forth in letters
Tired breath, breathing ever beyond
stand-still time

Take them, if you will.

Digest softly
the Divinity
of all
they haven't said.

A vision remaining,
kept safe-guarded ~
Blown away in a hushing breeze
that circulates eternally back
to a first exclamation


Flourishing Consciously Deep within.
what's it to you?
who go