deb avoid reheating relationships containing
jealousy, contempt, or distrust
as they may stain permanently
R.A.I.N. An embarrasing topic of conversation with my girl friends mother regarding her bed sheets 991215
medea tainted. marked. a lipstick stain or greasy cheese stain or blood stain, a scar from childhood. you thought you could stain us with your power, corrupt us with your smell, get inside of us with your words. but you never thought that we would take your stain and become stronger - and we have. we wear our stains with pride: all our discolourment and grays and blues and purples, and blackblack shadows that we used to hide. all of those demons are crawling out of their hiding places and splattering themselves all over our websites. we love demons. we love colours and we love messes. stains. 000405
Sintina Something red is the worst,
something brown is the grossest,
something yellow smells,
something green means you had too much to drink last night,
something orange came from a bag with a Cheetah on it.
tulip bruises whatever you do,
however you grow,
you will be the same inside of me,
you will stain my soul forever,
you remain smeared acroos my recollection,
however hard i scrub,
however much i crty,
you stains soil me until the day i die.
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