Quintessensual yes, oh yes,
you cannot hide it,
you cannot hide you,
i have imagined it,
i have seen it some,
hope to see it more,
and more
Raina shielding my face from the icy prickling sensation of your gaze.

forgive me for not returning the soul contact.

I can't look at you right now.
birdmad the thing i do best in plain sight 000925
silentbob its so easy to hide from you
because you never see me anyway
i stand right before you and you just go on with your everyday business
unaware that im here and thinking of you
but i want to stop
weird i'm gonna hide now. i'm like the fucking sun! 001229
danielle its all i can do.. 010124
Lateralus cause when you don't, you're bound to get hurt 020306
taya ha! if only i could. 020410
*silent screams I hide in my corner of depression, like a child who's heard to much. I find comfort in walking thru the endless darkness that leads me deeper inside. Shut out the world...if only for a lil while. Pretend nothing matters, act as if i don't care. I'm not asking for sympathy, I'm asking to be forgotten, if only for a moment in time. I'm begging for a reason not to feel so much. Depression fills the gap that reality left bleeding. Sadness lets me see the world in a different light, shedding brightness into the places i could reach at no other state of mind. Sometimes i'm just happy being sad, if you can't understand that...u'll never understand me. 021229
DevilsLyric But we all do. Everyday we hide from lifes own circumstances. Its has a much more broad meaning then just phyisically hiding in a corner from someone. Everyone only runs for so long though.

Im down for a while.
pansy I want to hide inside of you. I want you to hug me and be with me, surround me and embrace me, make me safe again, not afraid anymore. I want to hide inside of your heart so as not to be seen 040127
paperthin some things you can eat in private but you can't hide the smell of bacon 040427
samantha Your words do not bother me. These words will not change me or my wrath, don't be stupid.

Remember, if I am childlike that is merely another simple disguise.
For we know that I am NOT a child and therefore my ability to be mingled within things better left unsaid is tenfold at least.

Oh darlings, how I love them as much as I love my fish.

It doesn't mean I would not hesitate to inflict pain upon them if I considered them guilty.

My evil twin is unjust and expends violence like John Lennon painted love.

Another thing to point out, my fish are innocent and therefore are protected, but HOW innocent are you?????
rage in my mindworld
where i cant get hurt
what's it to you?
who go