miniver We could just sit around
and attribute too much meaning
to the pretty patterns made
by this coordinated cruelty.

And I could practice my vagary,
and lick a wrist or two.
I had hoped that that might work.
Splinken my favorite buddy holly song. 000627
florescent light I used to write here everyday-
Now I don't
birdmad what happened? 010527
who? "it" happens
everday too
two three maybe four or more times
five gives you hives
so they say
you might say "who?"
and i say "You."
Iforget My friend just said, "so you do yoga every day.."
I said, "right," lets just eat our soup.
pushpins everyday the silence suffocates my sighs and I am buried in the hourglass sand. Time dulls my exterior, sanding me layer by layer, and blankets me in undeclared angst. 020126
hatameiwaku Poetic realism. 031204
hsg read a lot 040721
Syrope i'm never going to get this room clean
it just means too much to the part of me that used to care
rage my light shines a little duller 050620
just spreading the knowledge This word means "commonplace".

This word does not mean "every day".
oren Thank_you for pointing this out. "Everyday" is slowly overtaking "every day" in our society. 100325
oren And, it still is. 140131
what's it to you?
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