birdmad the roadmap and chronicle of bitter experience.
every scar a milestone.
leaving me glad that the years have nearly obliterated the needle marks

and no one gets close enough to spot them anymore
calliope snap! and my hands are gone
slice! and the blood flows out
rip! and it twists again
crack! and it's broken
MollyCule are quite scarred. 000515
Alexander Beetle I've never been able to check my pulse on my wrist. Other people's, sure, but not my own. Odd. My neck works fine, though, so at least I know I'm not dead. 010501
myplasticmind the lines are still there.
I can still feel the sharp sting.
I can still see the blood.
My wrist is still at my own mercy.
~gez~ attatched to my hands. i love my hands, as i do yours 021009
Jeca i check it whether there's a watch there or not.

yup. a hair past a freckle.
Kleh Ver ~I've broken my wrist. . .

~. . .and it hurt. . .

~. . .not as much as I thought it would, though.

~Funny how that works sometimes.
mrscrocodile i have an intense fear of them. looking at them, touching them, having other things touch mine. people laugh at me, but its scary. 021011
tricky tyler freaks out when i touch the veins on his wrist. i think wrists are fun to touch because they are a pretty sensetive area of the body, per se, but he just doesn't like it. he freaks out when i touch the veins on his neck, too. what a weirdo 021012
Chylde Uvgaud ~

~One Inch Rist

birdmad there but for the lack of blades go i 021013
pipedream lovely bits of body..you can be the macho-est, toughest person alive and yet your wrists will always be there as testimony to the delicacy of human bone and flesh, how a slender joint can make so many things happen...i could talk for a long time about wrists :)
i like mine.
unhinged i just want to shred it to ribbons with my boxcutter 030407
jimc please don't your have so much to offer a hungry world. 030512
unhinged itches

it's funny that you say that because i feel chewed up and spit out.
jimc I fully understand how you feel, but you have to keep telling yourself you will not let the bastards get you down. (Something I need to learn myself at times). You are an aritst - a GREAT artist and because of that you will fill like that quite often. The best way to get even to to continue to strive to be the best that you can be on your instrument and make them envy you - what sweet pay back for all the fucked up things those lesser wannabe's did to you. If nothing else, you know my number I will always be here for you. 030523
jimc besides I don't want ot have to communicate with you like I do Sara. It really sucks. 030523
niska mine are tiny 030523
jimc ok - "feel like" and "is to" not fill like and to to. DAMN! I need to learn how to type! 030524
sarahafi what I wish I could cut again 030921
june sometimes i like cutting, it's easier and no one has to be involved, unless you think about movies
and ideas
records and memories

the images entrance me sometimes with bloody gore

the artist's blood---my stain of life
june why can't he just LOVE me???? 040118
nica my wrists are ugly. they used to be beautiful.
i have these really pretty purple scissors that have made my wrists scar ridden.
i say no more, but i can't stop.
slice slice slice
it doesn't even hurt
not like he hurt me.
i may not be able to trust him,
but atleast i can trust my pretty purple scissors.
vallballiscool my wrists r tworn up and im bout to do it agian 040323
youmeTURKEY? space wrist explosion in pants. filipino robot wrist in pants. 051014
proon self pity has to be one of the most pointless human emotions 051117
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