me? The spectacle of astrology in the White House -- the governing center of
the world's greatest scientific and military power -- is so appalling that
it defies understanding and provides grounds for great fright. The easiest
response is to laugh it off, and to indulge in wisecracks about Civil
Service ratings for horoscope makers and palm readers and whether Reagan
asked Mikhail Gorbachev for his sign. A contagious good cheer is the
hallmark of this presidency, even when the most dismal matters are concerned.
But this time, it isn't funny. It's plain scary.
BoofPixie when i stub my toe and its hurts for just a little while longer than its supposed to. 000308
The Schleiffen Man Waking up late on a Sunday morning and finding my dad listening to Type O Negative. *shudder* 000528
person thats scared!!! when a clown is around!!! and the scary~est part is when they honk their noses!!! "k~oh, i see dead people "k but that's nothing to do with this though!!!~ oh, hi Mr. dead person~howdy~what may i do for you today??? nothing? well, you want my eternal soul??? okie dokie!!! swish~
rip~crack~burn~die~i'm dead~how can i be writing this?~or some junk??~i'm dead wow i can go though walls isn't that special??? melt away!!! bye~ peace~ I can see you!!!!
Quiggz The contents of my cranium, in both the physical and metaphorical sense 010102
elana reality sometimes
like if somebody you love deeply dies.
or seeing a dead body.
or waking up in the middle or the night covered in sweat because you remembered who you are.
or realizing that nobody cares anymore and it's all your fault.
so dont tell me that seeing real live gohsts are scary, just realizing who i am when i look in the mirror is scary enough for me.
scary isn't it?
Phil Turns person who is scared into a demon.
Scary things makes my mom flap her arms, it's hard to imagine this actually kept my ancestors alive for all these years.
phil I am real, this is cold 010719
distorted tendencies when you come so close to losing something perhaps the only thing you truly care about abd love, no matter what it is. 010824
kerry when i was little i used to always lie in bed and wonder what would happen if our house burned down. there was a window in the corner of my room and i always knew i would break it with the painted brick i had and then throw all my blankets and pillows out so i wouldn't break my legs on the driveway when i jumped the two stories. scary thing, when you're three and paranoid of perishing in a fire. still freaks me out, just thinking about it.
and now i'm terrified of a nuclear bomb whizzing all the way around the world and nuking the entire city i live in.

what would happen to all my cds?
outside Scary is as scary does. This is kind of scary. Maybe this house is haunted too, did you say your name was Mary? 020220
pat sajak nuke 020222
cheer-up-emo-kid dude... something really scary just happened....
my best friend james and I were drunk and we were hiking a couple of hours ago.
my bookbag started to get heavy so I left it in the woods (I live in a really deserted area or the mountain)
then after we sobered up, we went back to get it and it was gone.
we looked around for it for a little while but then I went back to my house.
and like 5 minutes ago when my mom got home, she found it on my frond doorstep (where I most definately did not put it) and I know for a fact that I do not have my address in it anywhere...
isnt that creepy?
eklektic i was walking with my head down for no particular reason. but when i decided to raise it, to make sure i didnt run into anyone, you turned, did your half smile and said "hey" in just above a whisper. i never really stopped walking, but sorta flipped my hand in your direction, whispered a startled "hey" and turned into the band room, terribly whispering "what the fuck" under my breath. it was more in my head, but my lips moved with it. gotta work on that. nonetheless, your presence disturbed me, because i've made it a point to ignore you online or anywhere else. i've signed off without a goodbye, signed on and put you on ignore or put myself on away. i've said "i'm busy" or the famed "you need a damn hooker" to you. and i felt like i'd been caught in the middle of a lie. but i didnt really mind ignoring you, now that i think about it. you ignored me up until your last day of school. you'd walk through the halls without looking at me. why did you do that? and why, now, when you're leaving soon, do you feel the need to be my friend again? you didnt want to then, so now, neither do i. but something isnt right, because this seems to be an awfully long blather on you, and you dont warrant anything more than a flipped hand in this society. i dont hate you. but you're becoming freakishly unpleasant. 020813
unable_to_stay know what's scary...?

that cutting your wrist held you back for so long because you feared the pain... and then, when you cut your arm, you realize that the cut itself doesn't hurt at all... that... letting water running over the wound makes it ache, but not the cut...

what else can hold me back now...?
mo so keep just cutting your arm and stay away from your wrists. 030301
unable_to_stay I don't even wanna cut my arms, as it were... I don't wanna cut at all... it just... shocked me... that's it... 030302
mo oh, sorry 030311
missyluv eternity. 050419
Pink Paint

What are some common uses of the procedure?

1. Detection of bleeding, brain damage and skull fractures in patients with head injuries.

2. Detecting a blood clot or bleeding within the brain shortly after a patient exhibits symptoms of a stroke.

3. Detection of stroke, especially with a new technique called Perfusion CT.

4. Evaluation of the extent of bone and soft tissue damage in patients with facial trauma, and planning surgical reconstruction.

5. Detection of bleeding in a patient with a sudden severe headache who may have a ruptured or leaking aneurysm.

6. Detection of most brain tumors.
Diagnosing diseases of the temporal bone on the side of the skull, which may be causing hearing problems.

7. Detection of enlarged brain cavities (ventricles) in patients with hydrocephalus.

8. Determining whether inflammation or other changes are present in the paranasal sinuses.
Planning radiation therapy for cancer of the brain or other tissues.

9. Guiding the passage of a needle used to obtain a tissue sample (biopsy) from the brain.

10. Non-invasive assessment of aneurysms or arteriovenous malformations through a technique called CT angiography.

11. Detecting diseases or malformations of the skull.
Three-dimensional imaging of the skull and brain structures.

12. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


now, go and have an MRI
Janaewen the list of things I find scary is very, very, very long 110630
what's it to you?
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