MollyGoLightly "you've got to pick up every stitch.

it's the season of the witch."
grendel when you get that prickly feeling you get sometimes on the back of your neck...

it's me
Snakeyes u know u're being watched
by something beyond
beyond u're sight
beyond u're reach
*spoons* like when your healthy 53 yr old doctor dies shortly after you just seen him... 010126
romeo_pimpgod following. unspeaking except to imitate. 010406
romeo_pimpgod i dunno wat to say, when a friend goes insane 010410
Casey When you think of something then soon after it happens.

Like one day I was thinking of what it would be like to have a wife and be celebrating my first anniversay. Then I got home and my mom told me that it WAS her anniversary. I had no frickin clue before hand.

Things like that
i dunno. like thats not uh creepy.
more a coincidence.....
creepy would be that you have a deadly spider about 2 meters from your leg.
sprry 4 telling you.
birdmad my face in the mirror 011006
Alexander Beetle is silently freaked Three young boys came into my store last night. I shall randomly name them Jason, Eric, and Eric Jr. The second Eric, I presume, is the brother of the first Eric; this is based on no actual detective work on my part, but only a vague hunch. I'm notoriously bad at guessing ages, but I'd place them at about 14, 14, and 12, respetctively. Anyway.

"That was a long walk," said Eric Jr. to no-one in particular as he walked into my store, "all the way from the hotel room, down the stairs and into the store, huh?" My store is parked next to an instance of a national hotel chain; the vast majority of the midnight business done in my store comes from there, and obviously, these boys were no exception. I greeted them as I greet all my customers, and stood patiently behind the counter as they split up and wandered the aisles. Eric went to look for something to drink, while Jason and Eric Jr. lingered by the HBA (health, beauty & accessories) shelf. Eric Jr. jokingly announced that he was going to get some Ex-Lax, but Jason told him that he didn't need any. Then they began giggling over the condoms ("Almost like using nothing at all! Heh heh!"), laughing while they compared brands and prices as though they intended to buy some. I smiled quietly to myself, remembering days gone by when such things as condoms and tampons were an endless source of adolescent amusement. "D'ya have any pizza?" I'd almost forgotten Eric was even there, until now. "Oh, yeah, we have pizza." "Really? How much?" I didn't know, but I led him to the cooler door where cold sandwiches and the like were kept, while Jason got his own drink and Eric Jr. passed from my vision entirely, and pointed to the individual microwave pizzas, $1.89 each, $2 even with tax. "Oh, that's okay, I was just messing with you." Wait a minute, I thought, I normally just direct them to the door from my post. Why did I just abandon it to personally point out pizzas I didn't really believe he intended to buy? Something was unsettling me, but I didn't know yet just what. Jason announced (more to them than me) that everything had been gotten. My longer legs and practiced gait beat Eric to the counter by nearly 10 seconds. Let's see... just two 1-liter Pepsis? No, here comes Eric Jr. with a bag of chips. "Is that everything?" Jason places the box he had in his hand on the counter next to the chips - a box of Trojans, blue, although what that signifies I don't really know, $2.89. I inhaled, intending to use the the breath to ask "Is this some sort of joke?", when Eric Jr.'s voice changes from it's previous sing-song to a more serious tone: "You got enough for all of us, right? You got three?" "Yeah," Jason replies, "it's three to a box." "Okay, good," said Eric Jr., then reverting to his original voice: "Hey, Orbit!"

A sudden monotone voice intoned: "It's a breath-freshening gum. It works very well."

The trio blinked at me, and in a split second I realized that the breath I had just taken in was gone. I had spoken. This wasn't Blaine, because I can't hear Blaine, but I heard this. This had never happened before, and I was somewhat taken aback. "Uh-huh," said Jason. "You can't have any gum, you have chips." I rang up the condoms; the total escapes me at the moment. "Buy me Orbit!" Eric Jr. laughed. Jason paid with a $20 bill. I gave him his change and he thanked me very politely. Eric Jr. kept babbling on his way out the door, but I didn't bother to remember anything more he said. The soles of my feet began to itch, an itch usually reserved for when I catch flies mating on the wall. I tried to tell myself it was all a prank, but Eric Jr. sounded too concerned about the number of condoms. My feet are itching now, just writing about it. Fuck.
aboywitha_fuckeduplife he still scares me....maybe someday he'll learn not to copy us 011122
Casey Is this supposed to be directed at me? If so, you're totally wrong. If I followed you people in everything and everywhere I'd just be a monkey eating my own shit. 011123
Toxic_Kisses the guy next tome is looking @ teen porn 020510
jigz the black that doesn't fade when you awake until you scream and shake

only to realize it wasn't a dream but an apirition of your insanity

and that your scream was silent and your shake a feeble attempt

for when your eyes opened your muscles are relaxed and resting

and your family is still asleep
but you were already awake

then you realize that if we're all the same, then right now they feel the same thing

and that if not, you have just become a victim of abnormality
specialk wanna know a creepy movie... carey! and Mary Poppins!! Supercalifradgilisticexpealadocous 040626
imaskitzo I got on the bus to come home and it was packed so I sat next to this man who looked nice. But he growled. Like a big scary I'm going to kill you growl. After he kept talking to himself I moved and this other guy kept touching me. I was flipping out... during all this, some fat guy kept staring at me. So I get off the bus and get a cab and the cab driver was smoking weed. 041031
Amaya Sora Is a word that can describe anything. To someone somewhere something is always odd, weird, or strange thus everybodies creepy. Is creepy an insult or a compliment to a rebel? 050306
god it's a state of mind 050306
unhinged there was just a huge spider in the shower with me. it is the second one in like a month. i don't know where they are coming from but it's grossing me out. almost worse than the cockroaches in the shower in hawaii. eeeeeeeeeeewwwww.....ewioipfjasl;jdfsal ha haaaaaa fucking gross

there is something about those looooong legs and the way they move....creepy
Strideo creeeeeepy
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