nullspace a cool guy.
wish i'd met him a long time ago.
glad i finally did.
amy yeah me too. 000304
amy bodyrock, yaw 000304
amy fuck that was meant for moby
i'm new at this
a the person i share my home and my life with. 000313
amy brad
i don't know
nullspace sage stole my pager :) 000313
a the horror! stealing your pager? brad you should kick him in the booty. 000313
birdmad the half a bee 000504
emily ...he used to call me baby...he loved me a lot more than i loved him...i wasn't very fair to him...i haven't talked to him or seen him in two years...last i heard, he moved to new york... 000918
twiggie the things i could say to you now, fucker.
the way you ruined me, the way i never said anything back but just sat there and took it, the way i STILL fucking liked you after all the shit you put me through! talk about a codependent.
i still carry around a picture of you asshole, who the hell knows why.
You never even fucking apologized, even though you knew how screwed up i was after that. even though you knew that i was suicidal. you never gave a fuck.
and you know what? i hate you for it. i really fucking hate you. there were so many people who you tried to turn against me. even if i didn't KNOW them you tried. what kind of sick fuck are you? i was only 13 you were 3 years older and i was still more grown up.
fuck you eric. i hope you've gotten what you deserved from some other girl who's life you tainted because i never had the balls to do it.
twiggie think that i once felt it was normal for a girl to have to put up with that. 010107
yummychuckle my gay ex-boyfriend. Am I that pathetic? 010601
CinnamonGirl I never wanted anything from you
But you keep
giving me hard times
To remember.
I never planned
to stay for the night
But you keep
touching me so deep and so light
I must stay here tonight.

Now, i can't keep pretending
that i love What you do to me
No, i don't think i can
love you anymore
It's hard to say
Though i will stay
I hate you...

You come again, knocking on my door
I'm not surprised by you anymore
And now you want once more.
You feel no pain banging on the floor
I hold my breath
like million times before
My brain is stiff and sore.
fourteen year old sweetheart I went on my first date with a boy named Eric. We saw the Matrix (bad idea) and went out to some Italian restaurant, and since we were freshmen my dad had to drive us home, sitting uncomfortable and silent in the backseat of the Mercedes.

We didn't talk much at all.

But he smelled so good. I could not get over it. Man. I'm not sure what it was, but it drove me crazy with all these thoughts spinning in my head non-stop and making my eyes glow in the dark of the theater.

I smell it sometimes now and I am fourteen again, looking at him out of the corner of my eye, wondering if Neo kissing Trinity will somehow light a thought in his mind that would make his hand rest on top of mine.
Clarence Come to me in the silence of the night;
Come in the speaking silence of a dream;
Come with soft rounded cheeks and eyes as bright
As sunlight on a stream;
Come back in tears,
O memory, hope, love of finished years.

Oh dream how sweet, too sweet, too bitter sweet,
Whose wakening should have been in Paradise,
Where souls brimfull of love abide and meet;
Where thirsting longing eyes
Watch the slow door
That opening, letting in, lets out no more.
god eric's_trip 020618
little fury bug
he was an odd child. but deep down, i always loved him. even when i was screaming at him to give me back my barbie
sheli You have said what you are, I am what I am. Your actions in my head, my head here in my hands with something circling inside. I have no name for what circles so perfectly. 030804
misstree fuck you, you idiot prick. two and a half years and you tried to end it like that.

it's not any positive quality that made me insist on tuesday. it's that i am a master of self-delusion, and i don't go down like a chump.
tiyatays tollbeuv i love you. 031104
misstree is drunk again fuck you.

i resent you more than ever,
and i don't know why,
and that makes me resent you more.

just fuck off. you don't exist outside of sunday nights anymore, and sundays are hell.
a girl with nothing to say hes so hott i wish i could have him...

no that bitch chasity got to him first i really dont like her but i do love eric hes really a hott guy
megan he's my twin 031109

i remember the morning that
we recited words back and forth,
tasted each sound
as we gifted it to the other
while dawn broke hazy
on the end of our night.

later, when i lay beside you,
i traced letters on your chest.
you realized what they spelled,
and we whispered it over and over
as we made love
for the first time.
time_warp ignore the link, my bad. 031208
e^2 my first love. my best friend. i wasn't meant to have him for very long. i wasn't what he needed. but, oh i cherish what time i had with him. he made me laugh. he made me think. he made me feel. i was never beautiful inside until i met him.

i'm moving on, but i still miss him, my best friend still.
mous is disvirtuous by only a small margin. 040421
silentbob i saw him in the computer lab, him with his bald head, the girl he was with with a tattoo in that place below her back, that trendy trendy place

it was like five minutes before he realized i was standing behind him watching what he was doing
somebody my heartbeat. my heartache. 050102
no reason erics are interesting people 050102
no reason even though i_hate_people usually, i don't actually hate anyone.
but you come closest.
congratulations, eric, i fucking almost hate you.
no reason sometimes i get in the mood to find you
there's so much more to know and i think we deserve to meet again
no reason (a good eric, not the one i fucking almost hate. except now i don't even; i kind of just shake my head and feel sorry for him.) 070326
Varkala NEILL !

oh ! nice van !


yeah ... stress and tension causes problems don't it !
scrabble !
love the sentimental stuff...
thats what women love !

Barbie... i didn't give you no smoke because i promised someone that i won't tell anyone i had some stuff... a member of staff gave it to me... sorry i always keep promises...
but don't like smoking these days...
start to give up.
what's it to you?
who go