florescent light I did something BAD.

I was at Sterns. They're going out of business, things were 60 - 80% off.
Bought 120 dollars worth of stuff. Was there for a few hours trying things on. I purchased my clothes as they were closing.
There was this shiny purple jacket that was a 'must have'. There wasn't a price on it. They wouldn't sell it to me. "make up a price then", I pleaded.
They wouldn't. I Really wanted it.
They wouldn't sell it. And well, you guess what I did. Right into the bag.
DannyH I was addicted to shoplifting when I was thirteen, always things I didn't really want or need, just for the feeling of invincibility that comes from breaking rules.

Cured by getting caught stealing two packs of bubblegum from the local shop.
blather I would never order from an internet company again. still has not sent me a refund from June 27 for an order that was never received. 010809
Inanna Is it stealing if someone(TPS) forgets to give you a refund in 21 days after they said they would and asks you not to call or e-mail?? We all make mistakes. Maybe it was not stealing, and just simply forgettting but this would iritate most 'normal' people. I should have posted it under another word like 'annoying.' 010811
Norm Ya man that shit is addicting. I was a pro though, I had all the spots for getting shit. I'd search the store checking out the workers the people in the stores for floor walkers the ceiling for cameras all withen one minute. I'd go where the stuff I wanted was and I'd grab it *flash* you couldn't tell I picked up that second thing. I've pulled some pretty good stunts in my day too. Once my sleaves and pockets were full so I picked up a pack of gum and droped it in my friends jeans pocket, he didnt even know, neither did the clerks and they were standing right behind us at the counter.

I grew out of it. Never got caught.
close your pretty little eyes Well, stealing. Yea, we've all stolen. I went through that teenage stage where it's "cool" to steal with your friends. Let me tell you, it gives quite the adrenaline rush. 030922
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