Fearless Leader is the most erotic thing i know, if you use it properly. 041218
just another-- yet like no other. you weren't quite brave tonight. where's the adrenaline? and how does it come into play? hanging out your window? on your own turf? expand, please, beyond your comfort zones. 041218
LoverOfLight We used it and got off on it
Got off on each other
I knew I could brace against your arms and they would not fail me
You could tangle your hands in my hair or wrap your fingers around my throat and I would not look away
"Fuck me", you'd ask
--- crazy ---
hsg lol! 081030
flowerock I just got hit by a car in the cross walk. I was crossing with the light and walk sign in my favor and a lady ran the red light. I expected the car to stop when it hit my body, that the human inside would notice they had hit something, but she kept going a bit. I thought I was about to be sucked under a car, thinking what way to roll and move would cause the least injury. Luckily she was going slow enough that I just tucked up my legs and pushed myself to the conveniently empty side of the road and bounced a little before jumping up incase there were more cars. I had goa with me, I let go of her leash right away so she wasnt trapped in my situation. she ran to the curb and waited with her ears flat.
the woman came out and was nearly crying an apologizing. she had just dropped her son off at the emergency room and was distressed. I trie to be calm but I said, pretty calmly, some words about how I could have had a child or baby with me, been pregnant or elderly, it isn t safe to drive so upset that you run red lights.
it was an already red light too not just turned...

she apologized and hugged my dog crying. so I hugged her an said we were ok but to be careful and consider calling someone to pick her up or drive for her.

still shaking. after walking and watching goa play with some other doggies on the sidewalk. my stomach feels foamy.
glad it was such a slow speed and I didn't t get more than bruised.

adrenaline. yeah.
flowerock wow the previous blathes on this word are nothing like I expected. I guess my humor isn't recovered yet. did I spell it wrong? am I confused? this feeling would not go well with sex for me. as it seems to be suggested above. this is the feeling of feeling like tou almos just died. I ve been in sexual situations like that. it was not fun it was terrifying and I gave him a bloody nose and ripped out hair. I went to the hospital peeing blood here I got scolded by a catholic nurse. then I stayed in the relationship thinking that would stop. I still have scars and a hard time expressing sexuality. fuck that.

It feels good to bitch, helping me calm down ina way. no worries previous posters. youcan have all the adrenaline filled sex you want as ling as its consensual. I won t judge you.
what's it to you?
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