klairchen You hated it because it made you drown amoung the clouds.

Clouds without rain.
They begged you to cry to make them real.
They pulled the tears from you eyes until you were led into the desert.

Desert without warmth.
Just dry sand.
Cold, uncomfortable sand that made your voice crack.
And made your heart dry up like a leaf of the city pavement.

City pavement without people.
Just stretches of seamless gray.
Nothing to smile at, no one to wait for on the corner.

And you still stand there on the street, like a fool, waiting for them to run you down again.

Next time make sure that they are the ones standing there.

With no sidewalk for escape.
Aaron "step on a crack and you break your mothers back" walking down the sidewalk smokin a J in this shit town.. nothing to do.. bored of sitting.. need something.. must do something.. boredem kills.. shit town.. yeah.. no nothing.. nowhere... awarded the title of "all american city".. ha.. this is a shit town. 011109
ilovepatsajak i strut my stuff 011110
shadesofgrey aww, violent femmes! jenny, your the koolest! 020624
shadesofgrey i used to draw on the sidewalks with chalk and make pretty pictures and stuff with my friend. those were the days. 020624
cube Bicycle paths of the future - pedestrians will be demoted to walking on the grass...
Spectator You creep along the sidewalks
While the others are asleep
I know they cannot see me
I do not want them to
I want to see the things they cannot see
Because they are them, and I am the spectator

To feel the things
That the others cannot feel
I know it's what they all might feel
But they never wanted to
I can feel the things they cannot feel
Because they are real, and I am the Dreamwalker

They know I am not real
So they don't believe in me
They don't want to know they can't control
But I am still here, still real
Because they are only dreams, and I am the maker
you the channel seven news people came here to film a story about the invasion of raccoons. But they wouldn't film here because of the obscene chalk drawings on the sidewalk. 040402
once again You can take the sidewalk anywhere down to where it fades to asphalt and falls out into fields. You can follow it along the edges of your dreams being careful never to fall in. Follow the cracks where they mate with the green grass look for your name etched in concrete... 040402
soulesswanderer We walk by, then stop, and walk back. We pause, staring down at the leaves immortalized in the sidewalk. Outlines of pretty things that bloom and grow and change and die and fall. I look up and see the fire on the branches, waving in the wind. It's too late for them. For the red and orange and yellow leaves on the trees. They're dying. Death is so beautiful. They'll die, and then they'll fall. Just like the imprints on the sidewalk. We walk away again. 040402
ethereal is a sidewalk. walk all over me. give me your pain. ive seeked, you let me find. find me here, trapped and encrusted in this faithless tomb. here is this sidewalk i can't love forever. only live, with painted gold star atop faded blue hopes. im version of yourself. you walk upon me and see no reflection. change the lighting, lose the preciousness of fragility and you'll see. we're no different, you and me. meg, ethereal, expressionary, her, is nothing but a sidewalk. i give you free reign to walk all over me. 040402
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