jennifer I want to dissappear
to be away from it all
just close my eyes
and know that it will all be okay
when I open them
like Dave
he trips and everything goes bad
he blinks, and it's all ok again
I would like to have that assurance
god you got it 010116
j_blue great flick, third in what is dubbed the "teen_angst_trilogy" by gregg_araki

his movies are a trip

i love how he likes to do scenes where a character is positioned in front of some large graphic dominating the feild of vision doing not much more than being seen
Tank now here... 010123
jennifer thank(s) god 010128
birdmad man 010128
the word i have that experience but when I open my eyes, it's all bad still 010128
kx21 Q: Where are you at the Universe now?

A: Nowhere
god tonya sez wassup
(swats mime)
mareberry sometimes i catch myself
lost in an eternal sandstorm

there is nothing around me
there is no one to hurt me
there is nothing to say.

it seems perfect.
but nothing is perfect
without you.
vampers im heading down this road, not knowing where im headed, my destination is answers, but im heading nowhere 010325
Tiffa perfection is the nonexsistant ideal that humans, collectively, strive for. Since perfection is an ideal, something that can never be reached, it is nothing. if it is nothing then it does not exist. If it does not exsist then, it is nowhere. 010509
blather spell check nonexistent, with an e not an a. 010509
Tiffa why thank you oh so much, spellcheck.
*rolls her eyes*
reptile We are always Nowhere. Now Here 010609
freakizh no matter how much my feet can bleed
i wish to leave this place
walking through the shattered glass road

i know it won't hurt any longer
if i dream of distance
rollins This is your last chance to go nowhere
My car is up on blocks
Hop in let's go
indust ...well I was going to say now here...

whoknows to go 011130
krebs the idea of something better rarely crossed yer mind.

you just knew us nowhere squares you'd have to leave behind
unable_to_stay I got nowhere to run to... but if I had, would I run to...? I'm just standing here, shivering and frozen from inside... can you see me...? 030301
undefined We are everywhere...
We are nowhere.
ownage mank i like to eat chickens basically... 060108
jane one day, i won't be at work. i won't answer my phone. my emails will go unread. when you knock, i won't open the door. it'll take some people days, maybe even weeks to realize. to find out. my family will know first. the people at work next. and then you. please know it's not your fault. i love you, and you were so good to me. but i'm so tired. it's just rushing by me now, like cars on the highway. everything's a blur. 071228
silentbob I've been nowhere and I'm glad I came back. 090612
hsg don't you always?

and did you bring any souvenirs?
silentbob supplies 090616
what's it to you?
who go