Quintessensual is a very long time
to be amused
a better part of every day
would be okay too
spamboy what is it without someone to be with. it would be nothing but living hell to tread the world for eternity without a partner to share the experiences with. 000304
BioHazzard Between two points I find myself,
Lost in what I see as an eternity,
Fighting what I know for shear confidence that this is true reality
Something has stopped me to think ages ago
Now I search for the truth endlessly
Here I stand wondering where I am
Between two points I’ll never see,
I have no legs for I stopped feeling them decades ago
I have no pain do to this void I feel in my chest
My soul is gone, I could never see it, but now I know it's not there
Time is a never-ending process of never ending space
Eternal time and space I will never see an ending to
But yet somewhere beyond the horizon I hear it calling
From the distance of uncountable life times it finds a way to reach me
It sounds so close, but how far can multiple eternities be anyway
I vaguely remember when I started; I doubt I’ll ever see the end
Somewhere in the distance a secret has been waiting for me
An eternity is ready to take its toll
And here I stand, Non-eternal me. how will I get there, how will it be
a plague of evil birds damnation 010930
Inanna eternal life
the power of soul
joy division birdmad procession moves on
the shouting is over
kx21 A chicken_flavor of World_War_Three... 011001
minus przekroczmy bariere jezyka. eternal czyli wieczny. 011023
misaligned i can't wait that long. 020130
silent storm I can. 020130
Encased in Ivory ...a long time...
...a long time to wait...
...when you want to be forgiven...
daxle "what does your back say?"
"eh not much... I think not having a mouth hinders it..."
x i will never stop trying 030314
Seyah It seemed to her to be way too long...
To much torture...
Couldn't even commit suicide to get away from it all...Would get stuck in eternity...with a whole lot of guilt..
She wished death existed. Plain old death. Just ceasing to exist...
But they said that this world was the darkness so we would recognize the light that is the next world. So there could be no evil, no guilt, there. Only positive...
She prayed and hoped it was true.
birdmad just watching the trees
and the leaves as they fall
Rachel My eternal gratitude to you
I owe eveything to you
And all I can give to you
Is my neverending love.
pete the way seems eternal, but so does he who created everything. 040324
sahba my feeling of being alone 040907
Tempest the eternal like me ha! don't worry if you feel bad just look up sahba. anyway eternalness is fun 041115
Turkey What is eternal? Let us postulate.

Is God eternal? For God to be eternal, does he not first have to exist? Does God exist? Improvable, so let's move on.

Is Love eternal? Ask anyone who's had their heart broken. Improbable, so let's move on.

Is the Universe eternal? Probably, but who's gonna hang around long enough to find out?

...but by that reasoning, this entire line of thought has been an exercise in futility.

Well, that was fun. ^_^
delial love not eternal?!

love exists regardless of whether or not we are "loved back." at least, that's been what i've witnessed so far on this planet.

does the fact a child stabs his own mother change the fact that she loves him? does the fact someone you love dies change the fact that you love the person? does the fact a significant other informs you that he/she no longer loves you change the fact that you have love for him/her?

through my experiences, and through learning of the experiences of others, I'd say that love can indeed be eternal. love does not rely on someone else to keep it going. love is its own life source, it's like hope in that respect. it burns forever, and it does fade with time in some cases... but it's always there...smoldering.
smurg Love,

This morning I caught sight of a bird on the side of the road. I pulled over to look. It was a beautiful owl. Her wing was out and it was being pushed by the wind. Her eyes were closed, her beak was shut, and her face was filled with soft feathers. Every inch of her was covered in these feathers and she looked soft to me. I wanted to pick up this bird and hold and cuddle her, and I felt sad that such a beautiful creature died an unnatural death...due to some driver who didn't mean to hurt her.

If you kill yourself, I will weep hard, for you are a beautiful creature died at the hands of relentless unforgiveness of an act that we did our best on. Every inch of you is filled with softness, and the feathers around your face are beautiful. All I want to do is hold you.

Forgive yourself, for you didn't know that you would feel this way.
Forgive yourself, for you were left with an impossible decision.
Forgive yourself, for Aiyana has no anger towards you.
Forgive yourself, for you have so much to live for.

I know that you feel death calling you. You long for that final self-destructive act. But your husband pleads you to reconsider. Drink alcohol, smoke pot, quit school, do whatever you need to do to make it through this difficult time. If you snuff out your life because of this decision I will be left with only dreams of you...that soft beautiful person I call my lover. I love you so much, and I hate seeing you go through this time. Please don't end your life...I know the emptiness that you feel inside is incredible.

Forgive yourself for the abortion, Jill.

We named her Aiyana, eternal bloom. She is a spirit now and she looks down on you with love. Your spirit will meet hers someday, but not now. She is a beautiful soul that knows that it wasn't her time, that we couldn't have her.

She holds no resentment, no anger, no hate. She understands. She loves. She smiles on you.

Your husband
nandita In a soft pink dress for you. 091117
Zsiga You hold all keys
Golden and intricate
Sculpted into our future
Reflecting the infinite space
That you crafted
You built the door
Of durable wood
A replica of
The elaborate entrance
Into your eternal kingdom
I wander but always return
Seeking your brilliance
Trusting in
My new forever home
Zsigas virtual delete button *forever did not belong on the last line* 131114
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