amy I'm just waiting, or maybe wondering. 980905
mareberry the urge to tell you grows more each day. with each passing hour i die a little, waiting for you, yearning to hold you near. i feel so alone, i feel so numb. i cannot stop the pain, the fear, all i have is this voice, these words, this longing to hear your soul speak to mine. and all i can do is wait. 990506
miniver I don't think most people realize how much talent and meticulous effort it really takes to sit on a fence for any extended length of time.

Hesitation is an art, I say. So say I. Also sprach Miniver. I ought be praised for what I neither do nor don't. Badged, even. Hwoo... The Badge of Indecision. And, to further digress, "badge", I find, is one o'those words that loses all meaning if you say/read it repeatedly...

Badgification. I'm waiting.
Joana Waiting.....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................waiting........................................................................................................................................................for you.............................................................................................................................................................................................................................to come............................................................................................................................................................

Stop this agony

sadgoat My life is slowly, so fucking slowly, fading away
I just want it over
I just want answers
I’m so tired of waiting
I’m so tired of wanting
So now I cry for no reason and long for sleep.
Christy for the curtain to raise,
for your mouth to open,
for the end of the tale,
for a breath of fresh air,
for you to break my heart,
for my life to start
emily ...is the worst thing....sitting and thinking way too much about all the bad things that could happen.....fuck....i hate waiting.. 000626
birdmad whooooooaaah...
funky formatted blathe stretching into the distance.


...for godot
...for the worms
...the night to fall (i know that it would save us all)

...for the end of the world
Splinken "waiting for the miracle to come. for the miracle to come" 000627
the miracle ooooohhhhh
oh god
daxle for some sign of where you are, what you are doing, why you don't feel like having me know or just don't care
for her to call, wondering when she will, wishing I hadn't told him what I was doing already so I could exact some sort of subtle revenge by not telling him now
but the fact is, revenge rarely works, because the person will never notice if you do exactly what they do, because it is not wrong in their eyes
and so I suffer as usual because I am wrong for this world
and then the phone rings!
Jon Don't wait. It won't happen. Hope, allways. But never wait. You'll allways be disapointed. It can never happen. 001006
stupidpunkgirl i fall asleep waiting for the phone to ring
i fall asleep without hearing your voice
i miss you so much
why don't you call when you say you will
i hate you now, you lied to me.
but i still miss the sound of your voice
bleevx cracked feet stomping in red dust
waiting for you
in North Carolina
. . 010302
arinna it's almost over, i hope. the waiting to find that one thing that will be the reason to smile everyday, not a person but a passion. and i don't know if it will come up and find me, or i'll suddenly learn how to look inside myself and see what i love, but i'm sure the waiting will be over soon. 010302
Andrew Tibor Still here, still hoping my life will be worth something, starting to do things, starting to get better.
All I want is to be a hero.but I don't know if that's why im here. Maybe I should love God and not worry about the rest.
cititinker is a virtue i learned from reading 'the little prince' by antoine st exupery... 011015
amicus waiting for something to happen. Who will take the next step? Or is it just escalating steps, tit for tat? However it happens, I rejoice everyday that this is happening. Only I don't know what this is... It's exciting, exhilarating. I'm just tired of the waiting. 011230
ClairE I'll learn how, and make a fool out of myself, and fall on my face in the dust on the way.

I'll walk down your straight dirt road.
lady lunchbox waiting for you to come back here to me...even though i know you won't.


this gives me even more reason to talk to my electronic_psychiatrist.
reitoei waiting here, waiting for some one to chat with. not just anyone, im waiting for her. staring at my computer screen, begging for her little icon to pop up. listening the little fan go whir round and round inside the computer case. 020226
little wonder there was no answer
so i waited awhile
and then i wrapped myself in blankets
and curled up on the red_couch
i put the phone near my ear
to make sure i'd hear it when it rang...
but it never did
and i guess i could call you again
but this time i'm waiting
this time i'm not calling until you are there
or until you wake up
or until you're free
[i waited before for weeks, remember?]
i'll wait again this time too.
silent storm I'll wait as long as I have to. 020318
Mahayana [{as long as i *have to* ill wait}] 020322
searching waiting for my life to begin at 23...for things to finally make a little bit more sense, and to maybe be happy for a while 020322
whitney and theres always the question

are we waiting for nothing
are we wasting our time
in ten years time
will we regret the days
sitting around for nothing

or if we try to start over
and look for whats better
in ten years time
will we regret letting go
and questioning something so great

will time kick you in the teeth
do you think they'll give us a second chance
should we even have to wonder what its like with someone else
should it be magical from the start
would you believe me if i said you werent a waste of my time?
*nat* im not sure wether it wll actually, happen, all i know is that i am no longer nervous, i have overcome my fears and jealous madness, i am now jus waiting for the inevitable 020823
~gez~ what's inevitable. if you don't want it to happen it never will, nobody can force anybody to do anything. well, actually thats not true. if someone told me.. im going to into high pathetical situation mode. somebody please hit me, hard. or give me anything else, hard 020823
the_engineer for you. 021220
di luce Over the phone...
I can sense something.

The irony. The God Damed irony.
di luce Damned* This dyslexia is killing me. 030225
Casey I'm waiting for my parents to tell me when they are getting a divorce. They keep trying to talk about it in the other room, but these walls and thin and my heart and my compassion have been gone for months 030624
jezabel dulcet throat has fallen silent
in the days of waiting,
the hours of waiting,
the moments, those scarlet knives
of waiting,
each moment tainted with
the ghost of your touch,
lit with the flickering tip of a ready flame thrower.
trixie the waiting hours between me and someone else are forever
the degrees of separation are getting smaller and smaller until that goal
and it makes my heart stop
my eyes tear
and i can't breathe
it's almost here and
after all these years
i am amazed
amazed i am still alive
i was sure i wouldn't live to see this year and this life
my hair was never going to grow
past my ears again
now it's halfway down
i am new again

it's in these waiting hours that i wonder what i was even waiting for
why ive committed my time, my life, to being on hold

soon i'll be not me but property of myself and a stock and dinner on the table
Caxton I'm sitting here waiting for you to come home, I haven't seen you all weekend nor have I talked to you, and I'm beginning to worry.
I lay here, and I think about you being with me, and I can't help but to think that you are with someone else.
I'm convincing myself that I'm in love with you, but my mind doesn't want me to be...
It scares me...I'm just waiting...
It hurts me...I'm just waiting...
It kills me...I'm just falling...

-Lyrics and song-
RoXXXie by john burroughs

serene, i fold my hands and wait,
nor care for wind nor tide nor sea;
i rave no more 'gainst time or fate,
for lo! my own shall come to me.

i stay my haste, i make delays-
for what avails this eager place?
i stand amid the eternal ways
and what is mine shall no my face.

asleep, awake, by night or day, the friends i seek are seeking me,
no wind can drive my bark astray
nor change the tide of destiny.

what matter if i stand alone?
i wait with joy the coming years;
my heart shall reap where it has sown,
and gather up its fruit of tears.

the waters know their own, and draw
the brook that springs in yonder height;
so flows the good with equal law
unto the soul of pure delight.

the stars come nightly to the sky;
the tidal wave unto the sea;
nor time, nor space, nor deep, nor high,
can keep my own away from me.
LilyDragon I am waiting
wondering how it goes
wondering what the decisions will be
wondering if there will be a chance

and I'm surprised to find that
I am being

I missed you today.
Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

I've said it before
I'll likely say it

All good things in time.
ethereal hand in hand with her i wait.

until the day you learn.

grow up and thank.

with bubble gum tossled in our mouths.

we bate with breathe.

hate with less.

we miss you.

lost in you in seconds.

come back we love you.
pete waiting is one of the worst parts of a day.. being ready, but waiting for that unknown time that just may never come.. waiting and letting the day slip by, watching the few clouds in the sky fade in to the blue warmth and the sun.. waiting.. really after two hours perhaps the time to be waiting has ended? 040329
pete just sitting there on the hill, she'll be here at 4, its 5 to four says the peace tower. look at those kids playing around the flame, i hope they dont decide to jump in the water-ish things. that would nto be good. four oclock. more tourists come by, they look at the kid playing his harmonica on a lightstand beside the eternal flame. four fifteen. four thirty. four forty. the busses have come and gone half a dozen times. i get up and walk down bank street to make my way home. i should have visited the parliment cats, looked at the statues of old prime ministers. i walked down bank street, listening to the kali yuga song, singing slightly to myself as i go, pondering the strange fact that no beggars sit on the east side of the road. strange indeed. i get close to the underpass.. i feel someone touch my shoulder, i turn around and there she is. shes been chasing after me for three blocks as i listened to my music and sang to my self. i got a meal of indian food out of the deal. waiting sometimes pays off in more ways then one can imagine before hand. 040406
really not important my life has slowed, and my heart has threatened to stop..but it just keeps on..pronounced heart murmer and all..it just keeps going..maybe i should eat more cheese..'cause man..don't think i can muster...hands on the keys..microphone at my lips..circle of white.there's sawdust on the unpolished floor..a small college bar..1:30 in the morning..a tuesday morning and they come here for the cheap drinks and techno music and what the hell am i doin' here? and so i begin...i could live forever between those precious few hours..i could live on the crumbled bills cast atop the piano..i could live in the water that wets their eyes..i could live forever in those moments... 040511
peaceSleepfully once again i feel like i'm waiting

i start chipping away at myself
out of boredom
i wonder what i'm waiting for

no, i'm not waiting
i'm scared
love & hate I'm waiting,
waiting for the day you will care. Waiting for the day you will truly listen. Waiting for the day when you are mine again. Waiting for the love we shared to be reborn. Waiting for a second chance. Waiting for you. Waiting for your sweet smile. Waiting for your cute nose. Waiting for you to be in my arms again. Waiting for you to love me again. Waiting for you to stop thinking about everyone else. Waiting for you to think of me. Waiting for you to think of my love. Think of our love. Waiting for you to believe in eternity. Waiting for my sweet angel. Waiting for my Katie. For an eternity as i promised and always will. ALWAYS...
donna waiting= 040623
damn You can get so confused
that you'll start in to race
down long wiggled roads at a break-necking pace
and grind on for miles across weirdish wild space,
headed, I fear, toward a most useless place.
The Waiting Place...

...for people just waiting.
Waiting for a train to go
or a bus to come, or a plane to go
or the mail to come, or the rain to go
or the phone to ring, or the snow to snow
or waiting around for a Yes or a No
or waiting for their hair to grow.
Everyone is just waiting.

Waiting for the fish to bite
or waiting for wind to fly a kite
or waiting around for Friday night
or waiting, perhaps, for their Uncle Jake
or a pot to boil, or a Better Break
or a string of pearls, or a pair of pants
or a wig with curls, or Another Chance.
Everyone is just waiting.
love & hate and i will continue waiting until we are together again! 040704
pigeon I hate it when I am hurrying just so i can be waiting. i'm always on time for dr appointments, meetings, picking people up.. and i have to hurry so i can wait. 040804
pete waiting, just waiting, out side that small venue after the open mike night had finished

waiting, just waiting, for you to pay your tab, and come out and so we could talk a bit by the bike rack

waiting, just waiting, for you to suggest we start walking home, as we live in the same general direction

waiting, just waiting, for one of us, deep in thought and talking, to suggest we go for a longer walk

waiting, just waiting, for that walk to lead us to the river where you will sit and sing, and i will sit and tell you stories, true and fantasy

waiting, just waiting, for the hour to reach 2.30am, as we always somehow know this hour, and for one of us to make an excuse, and we part our ways after i leave you at your door

waiting, just waiting, to see that glimmer in your eye as i say 'hello' at the end of one of the stories, as you pause in your doorway

waiting, just waiting, to make my way up that hill alone...

but... for all my waiting you walked away, without even turning to look where i stood, always stood waiting in the weeks before

but... for all my waiting you laughed with them and didn't say goodbye, and i don't remember if you said hello at all that night

but... for all my waiting you turned the corner and my voice went dry

but... for all my waiting as you sped away in that car you didn't even look out the windows, as you always did when we drove in her car before, and see me walking there, with my bike and a school friend

but... for all my waiting i forced my conversations on memories of september, of novemeber, of january and april as i talked with the first of the school friends to trickle back to the city

but... for all my waiting, after he turned to go to his lonely home and i rode through campus to the locks was it jealousy i felt, did i take offense, percieve a slight?

but... for all my waiting, i can't even say if the tears that burned where real, or if they were merely the product of my speed and the wind that blow against me as i rode down that country road in the heart of the city

but... for all my waiting, even the star was hidden from me, in some unknown place among the unpacked bags and boxes

but... for all my waiting, all i won was a sleep that could not, is not, yet satisfied
djSTAr for her to wake up from her nap 041013
witchesrequiem Can't wait till the end of november when I finally get to move out of this shit city....be with the one I love....have a better job...and sadly get as far away from the bar as possible. 041014
autumn It was through saying I was tired of waiting that I learned I would wait forever. 041014
JAmaroufi That thing I seem to do all my life. 041121
djstar waiting to get out of work.. 050201
jesejmes Up waiting for you, hoping you alright, hoping for not another fight. Hoping saftey guides your wings, hoping that this love sings. Waiting for happiness and joy, like that of a little boy. Waiting for you...forever waiting for you. 050309
patience quotidian days 050315
rage merman

she sits with her feet dangling over the edge of the peir
toes not quite touching the water
its cold and she can feel it
as she stares into the depths shes really looking somewhere far away
as she sits alone on the edge of the peir


one day shell get the courage to jump
djstar I am waiting
To be put in my place
For someone to show me
How many lives
Are worse than mine
I am waiting
To get hit in the face
To let me know
I don't have it bad at all!
I am waiting
For a hug
For someone to show love
Even when I'm at my most clingy
I am waiting
For a surrendering
for someone to satisfy
my selfishness
but most of all,
I am waiting
for my consciousness
to wake up
for a self-written reminder
that it will all be ok
sardd waiting for situations to figure themselves out
they never do
waiting for you to call
you dont
hoping you will apologize first
you wont
wishing i had it in me to give in
i cant

relationship is long over now
no apologies, no phone calls
now im stuck here waiting
waiting for someone to love me again
waiting for you to love me again
you wont
I will be waiting forever
marjorie it's absolutely no use.
you might as well leave right now.
it's been 35 minutes already
hsg waiting isn't quite the same as patience. 071123
waiting i was waiting, so.

but i didnt realise there was a Waiting.

i'm not Waiting, i'm waiting.

sorry Waiting.
waiting wai ting, the word : it sounds almost asian

like a type of dumpling

wai.... TING

deb So it was all a bomb
set in time,
the only thing I didn't know
was when the click would come...
I saw it there,
in the corner,
looming ominously,
saw it, and trembled.
How could I do
all this
It sat there ticking
for the longest time
and all I could do was
Until one day that bomb of his
opened eyes I didn't know it had,
and it smiled at me.
It spoke to me of strength,
of letting go of fear,
of walking my own way~
And so, on I moved,
draping a lovely blanket
so I didn't have to see...
and when the day came,
click, and such a quiet boom,
I ducked to protect myself
but the words remained.
When the dust settled,
the strength I had found
once upon a time
lingered on ~
FA113N I am waiting to see what she does.

To see if we are ok

To see what happens next

I wish you could read the last chapter, and see how it all turns out.
unhinged i've tried so hard to teach myself patience over all these years

but when i fall down the hole it still feels like i will never be able to climb back out

but when i break up with someone it still seems like i should abandon all hope and get a cat
nr for people
for texts
for clarity
for news

it makes you feel so powerless. you can't always distract yourself in the meantime.
Risen "And we're waiting for something to change into something worth waiting for."

I think I've been waiting for her for a very long time. I haven't let go. I haven't stopped loving her and I haven't stopped thinking about her.

But now I know that there is nothing to wait for. No reason to wait anymore. Because she is never coming back. If she was ever here.

It isn't a heart breaking revelation. I mean, my heart isn't really healed enough to break. It's why I gave up on the concept of dating. It wouldn't be fair to date anyone while I'm not emotionally available.

Because I know I shouldn't be waiting anymore, and maybe that will help me heal. But not yet.
Risen I have spent so many hours, days, weeks, months, years, waiting for her.

She says she will turn up. She says she will be there. She makes promises.

There is nothing more depressing than hope. That little shred of hope fighting with your rational brain. When you KNOW someone won't come, won't be there, when you KNOW that life is not a romance novel and people like you don't get happy endings. But you have this little bit of hope that never goes away, so it works its way into your ribcage and you hope.

That's how you end up staring at an empty seat in the front row of a theatre. How you end up staring at the empty space in your life. Because you are waiting for people to keep their promises. To show up. To choose you. To remember. To make a gesture that shows they still care.

You wait and you think "oh, it's probably just late, I will give it another hour". Like a late delivery. Or a present, or bouquet if you don't know if it was sent.

That kind of waiting - that can really bruise the soul.
unhinged to_be_loved

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