amy i don't know my future after this weekend 000317
typhoid well, dont we know at least part of it? 000317
amy yeah we do know a lot more than we did know. i? you? we?
you are moving realer relative to i.
and that's all i know, but let's ride.
lokkust riding the bus to Willoughby
for a wonderful afternoon
with Mary-Beth and Linda-Lou

in the backseat of granddad's car
with a cheap bottle of wine, a box of rubbers and nothing but the money in our pockets to get back home

i spent a great weekend
lotusflower i live for them sometimes. only when i'm in school though.
what did you do, lokkust?
lotusflower maybe we can spend the weekend together sometime?... 000622
The Schleiffen Man another week ends and another weekend begins. if i get off my ass and work on my page, will it be worht it? should i get a hair cut? how can my modem be forced to work under my other operating system? i'm sure these answers lie in my near future. 000707
Colleen (i obviously have no life) Its extremely pathetic when you wait all week, just so you can experience a weekend of doing absolutely nothing, by Sunday, you cant wait to get back to your daily schedule, just so on monday, you can complain and while and wait 5 more days, only for the entire process to start over 010121
Jessie Lee Now back to your regularly scheduled program... FUCK ME! 010121
angie weekends i live for you
every day is a countdown to the nearest weekend
honest and true
always there
always something to look forward to
the weekend...
i love it
ClairE you

racing toward you like a freight train
me a small figure crouched hiding
making sure they don't notice
my small adventure.

next stop my bed
[remy] weekend

the weeks end

with weak ends.
guy on shrooms jumping jack flash its the encredible stool-umper without the extra along the santa fill polo bless the shoehorn 030126
niska a weekend doing nothing... it's bliss. i've had one weekend in my life where i did NOTHING. i slept, i got up, i watched tv - there was nothing on but sally struthers helping the kids...
i went back to sleep. i slept all weekend and i needed that just once.
it felt goooood. one weekend, just treat yourself by not answering the phone. refreshing.
x twisted x how can one weekend completely change your life. i was myself for 48 hours...
it hurts to admit that your falling again...falling back into old patterns. i promised id never go back to being the same...but i see that its impossible. it will always be with me..but i cant live like each day is its own antioch...when no one else does.
a clever disguise Did we go the whole weekend with nary a post? 120521
niecespieces Sometimes you just go off your rocker.
You dance, kiss, spend, and drink even though you shouldn't.
You kiss someone else even though you are already starting something good and new.
You get high,
you keep adventuring way past your intended time,
you get fucked up,
you go to strangers houses,
you sleep at 6 in the morning,
you start a new job still high and drunk,
you blur yourself,
you bond,
you hate what you do,
you binge.
unhinged 120915

atmosphere in concert at the showbox at the market, seattle washington

the memory to sustain me when the gloom settles in
what's it to you?
who go