amy way up in the corner


where i am
where my friends


no looks


(every once in awhile)


i'm leaving
moonshine So I ll come and see if all the things I've heard and read about Seattle are true. A place I've never been. August 16.. in time for the hemp festival. Just before Burningman. 000719
whirligirl holy christ, she means what she says ;) 000719
birdmad i'm only happy when it rains

i live in a desert

no wonder these blues never leave
moonshine Yup..its official. I recieved the Green Tortoise Hostil confirmation for the reservations I made. I'll be there briefly. Until the 21.. 000720
RoMiEttE My home. I was away in Iceland for a year and i JUST returned home, it made me realize how great of a place Seattle is and how much i love it here. Its green and beautiful and the rain is wonderful! ANd moonshine... the hemp festival is awesome =) 000807
tourist been there thrice always nice
never saw the rain of which folks complain.I know i`se just lucky
ho hey what de fucky
a beutiful town betcha next time I`ll drown
lyse If I served you my heart on a silver platter, it would not match Seattle
(The puddles are lovelier for
feet splashing, and by no
short supply of umbrella is heaven
kept from earth in small circles.)
But would you still, and think nicely,
without that beat red mess?
Rain in September and April's are showers,
but Seattle is always
(Let's go while our hearts are still) wet.
birdmad would be a welcome change from this fucking DESERT!!!! 020807
Tay Parker I will always love Seattle, for it will always be my home.

The sight of Seattle brings me such peace.

Go Mariners :)
sara sleepless in 030114
sprhrgrl san_diego will never touch it. i miss it so bloody much. i want to take my lover there, tour her through my childhood. eat the mighty o and scuff around downstairs in the market. wander up to broadway, have the traditional dicks. perhaps find some food without sexual innuendo. but maybe that's part of the comfort.

grandma take me home.
Miles! Nevermind, I've never been to Seattle. 030513
RaelOneCloud I like all the stores up in the U District. and that Goth club, The Machine. But I don't know about Paul Allen, that Microsoft guy. He plopped his Experience Music Project rock museum right under the Space Needle. It's an ugly building, it looks like a mirrorball melted. That and why is someone like that charging 20$ a pop to go in? Didn't he make enough working for an antitrust? 031128
no reason i thought about going there this weekend, but traffic might be bad

and maybe farther along the coast while i'm at it
no reason tomorrow!

(but no farther down the coast. not yet anyway.)
no reason amazing what a difference a border makes

it was pretty cool
the experience music project is awesome
Ouroboros did you make any music? 070819
no reason i played music and sang, but i didn't record anything. 070819
amy I kind of sort of wish I could move back, but wouldn't want to deal with the ghosts or dis-socialites (I can't even call them antisocial) again. I guess I always don't like where I am. and the dark winter, that was a pain too. now I just want to find where they don't grind in the habits too profoundly (why I don't like Chicago). no I don't like bot dogs, or pizza, and sports are okay but not for seasons upon seasons. all that undying loyalty.... 080501
amy just back from seattle probably, i've traipsed your hills for the last time. what part of you was mine is dissipated, and i will in the future be only your guest. (and, for criminy's sake, maybe i always was a guest and not an inhabitant.) 090529
unhinged was just reading 'heavier than heaven' with her morning coffee 090529
Ouroboros So much good coffee (and food, but that's another blathe for another time.) I had my first espresso con panna somewhere in Seattle (I can walk there once I'm downtown, but can't remember the name/location right now.)Stumptown, Cafe Vita, etc. 110701
unhinged throw me a job bone 110821
re_alisma seattle.

the way it was for me from 1997-2004. at first i lived on the 4400 block of Thackeray, in Wallingford, and i never rode the bus. but that was only until June 1998. because after that i was at the edge of Ravenna. which is, of course, my_ravenna. or, ravenna_my_ravenna, something like that. and i never rode the bus.

Then it was Capitol Hill where i was almost always required to ride the bus (unless it was nice and i had the time to walk the walk to the UW) and then i was back to Ravenna/U District (no bus) and this place had the biggest rosemary bush in the backyard and also many big rose bushes.

i revisited in 2009 and a lot looks different now.

just an FYI. i don't miss it too too much. the past is past. although guess i can't deny knowing it. which can start to feel a little bit like missing it.

unhinged, GOOD LUCK. I'm rooting for you! i'm pulling symbolic strings! i worry, a little, too because it's not what i would call unhazardous, but i think you'll be alright and fine and whatever-it-takes. it took me awhile to get to know, but i was also young and fairly stupid to city-life. that was the shakes, i suppose.
re_alisma i've been trying to desperately bond with Seattle again, but there are some horrible people standing sentry against it, it seems. 111229
Ouroboros trip planned! arriving next saturday for a week ( hey_unhinged ) 111229
n o m i want to visit! 111229
unhinged no way! that's the best news I've had in awhile. im working next saturday for sure and i will find out my work schedule for that week later today.
we must hang out.

what brings you up here? just a vacation or something else?
unhinged text me the dates you will be in town. i have a few days off between january 7th and 14th.

what part of town are you staying in? have you ever been to the fremont sunday market?

just text me girl
unhinged the grey season is here; the clouds suffocate me 121122
unhinged the fog closed in today
the tops of the highrises downtown

i curled up in bed alone
arwyn I've dreamt of the grey dull skies pregnant with rain for years. Since middle school and I did a paper on it. I couldn't tell you everything I covered on it, but I've romanticized it in the years hence. I know there is poverty, I know there is gentrification, but maybe there are still dreamers there. Maybe there is a place for me. Maybe I'm just dreaming of the Olympic Peninsula, the mountains, the rainforest, and the ocean that seem to make my heart scream with joy even though my feet have never trod on the pine needles that scatter the ground. I want to see the tide_pools. I want to smell the rainforest - older than time itself. I want my dreams to be accurate. 181026
unhinged is still america
unhinged is becoming a dystopia. all of the cool quirky businesses are closing as foreign investors jack up the costs of renting. the streets are covered in tents and syringes. people literally walk down the street screaming. the stress of poverty (which needs to be adjusted for inflation and linked to area cost of living) is cracking people. the class divide widens every day and the hostility of the displaced is palpable. 190323
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