Philifledermaus curious, darkly romantic, ethereal individuals. prone to being blamed for the demise of the civilised world, clearly nonsense -we're rather nice really.

NOT death obsessed gun toting humourless mansonites like the media would like to portray us.

That is a completely different bunch of people.

rant over, enjoy the film.
pajaro enojado (bird mad) Bravo, Phil!!

well spoken.

( i live the double absurdity of being an ethnic goth in a neighborhood primarily composed of immigrants who have mostly never seen anything that looks remotely like me)
marian dubois oh delight.
the word is in itself an oxymoron.
call a goth a goth, and they'll say, "i'm not goth."
i call myself a goth, because it's a rich subculture i enjoy, also a very easy way to convey to a stranger the way you dress, what you listen to, and a general outlook or perspective on life, and to some, simple self declaration is grounds for poseur-hood. to some, i suppose i'm not goth. to some, i am.
to me, i am.
to my friends, i am.
i am me.
if it includes membership in a subculture, so be it.
if not, oh well.
there is no authority on Goth... there are as many definitions of the word as there are goths.
however, i must say that i think the little perkygoff mansonites running around the middle schools these days are just doing it to piss off their parents.
ahh, these kids today.
gigaphairy I've been called a goth.
I don't think I am.
I think I'm a person who should be whatever I want to be without being put in a box and labelled.

Safety in boxes.

But I can't see outside...
MollyGoLightly how can a single word be an oxymoron? i thought only compund words or two word phrases could be oxymorons. i'm afraid miss lady lost me on that one... 000709
ask mr. fashion that goth thing is a hot look! i'm going goth as soon as i wear out my izod shirt! 001021
Barrett I'm too hip for this century! 001021
ask mr. fashion i was gonna go beatnik, but i couldn't find a beret that i wasn't allergic to. goth is for me. i'll put on my goth uniform and go somewhere and look mysterious. 001022
green_tenedril yes, i've been called one
i don't know if i qualify,
but it doesn't matter.
my plight is like being an ethnic goth in a way.
i am a Christian,
and some Xians just don't get it.(the black and purple hair, the dark clothing, the platform boots, the gigantic silver cucifix...)
people keep trying to 'convert' me if i'm visiting their church.
makes me kinda sad.

jhonen vasquez is a fucking genius Oh my God, somebody's wearing blue jeans. 011015
tylor burton you are not a unique and beautiful vampIre. 020113
the crow you are different but all the same. im the same and yet im different, in the same way that we are different we are all the same. 020207
silentbob pretty when you cry 020207
little wonder i love that song... 020207
j_blue it may be miss mary, but i'm annoyed that all goth on blather is pro...

misstree In Comparison

I want to be an individual
like all the other individuals
who look like me.

I want to be unique,
so i don the most fashionable
black uniform
i can find.

the funny thing is,
it works.

similar sensitivities
lead to similar tastes
leads to ostensible conformity
among unique individuals
much like the sameness of butterflies
in a world full of bees.

copyright 2011. don't incur the wrath of the ice weasels.
effectively_hushed an adjective. 020314
reitoei goths aren't girlfriends. 020315
donaldson I stopped dating goth girls when I realized that I didn't really like the look enough to put up with their shit. 020315
unhinged any child psychologist would tell them it was a scream for attention. the pink in my hair was bright and screaming. but only because i couldn't raise the blade to my wrist anymore. i felt ashamed to look in her eyes that were so new and knew nothing of what put them there and then look at the marks i left on myself. children can ask the most scathing questions before the constraints of polite are placed on their inquisition. i had to wear all black. stupid showcase concert; i would show them. i felt like wearing my black eyeshadow; combat boots. raspberry dripping lips...i had to walk all the way down town because i didn't want to talk to anyone long enough to ask for a ride. i bundled up; i loved smoking cloves when i had to wear all black. something about my ocd loved the way even my cigarettes cooridnated with the rest of my outfit. i got to the corner of wick and commerce, had just thrown my black butt into the street when his black car did a u-turn back onto commerce and he told me to get in the car. i was almost there...but when a professor offers you a ride you very well don't refuse. the seat was too close to the dashboard and i felt cramped and awkward while i tried to make small talk for the thirty seconds it took to get to the auditorium. i had plenty of time and when the lounge aired out of all the infernal winds i played my legende. 'a legende is a piece written for someone who has died right' he said it only half in a question; you were supposed to agree even though you didn't know that a legende was a piece written for someone who has died because you were supposed to know. i went backstage to brush my pink hair, raspberry dripping lips. he liked my combat boots. my sardonic smile flashed as dull as the dirt that had accumulated after a salty winter. they were me he said. 020315
BluSmurF goth is a strong word. But it came from medeival times. Its a lable, like prep or geek...crap like that. I wouldn't consider myself gothic but a ather unique person. I'm not asking for acceptance.

hate you're not a beautiful or unique snowflake

you're just like everybody else.
get used to it.
User24 Me on netgoth:
electric i teach kids
and most of them are 13

and i am so fucking frustrated
i want to hand out a damned manual at times titled "WHAT GOTH IS" or maybe even better "WHAT GOTH IS NOT!" lol... these kids are so so confused. and the media is so so wrong. and for that matter.... so is most everyone!

maybe even me
Ahta Daga Never define a persons heart, love, value, religious theology, or their ability to be compassionate, kind, or decent by the color of their clothing or their choice of adornment. Gothic can be anything-anyone, or, the last person on earth you ever dreamed was gothic. Gothic denotes an expression of the person, one who is more comfortable than the average person, in externalizing their feelings and honest inner self. I can only speak of this based on myself, and knowing myself. We all are made up of love, hurt, joy, sadness, hopes, fears, dreams, things failed or people who failed us, or we failed, and all this forms the most intricate of woven tapestries that forms our lives. 030916
misstre when i went to a net.goth convention back in the day, we shared the hotel with a christian group. they were actually very nice, asking polite questions, and they honestly just wanted to know what we were about.

each person who answered the question, "what is this convention about?" had a different answer, but it basically boiled down to this:

we were there as a group of like-minded individuals who mostly are involved in the gothic subculture, and speak to others in such over the internet. we were tied to the subculture through myriad ways, but the one constant, was music.

not esthetics, not fasion, not artistic expression or lifestyles or anything like that. even the music is varied, but in the end, that's what brought us there.
User24 well said. hear hear.

goth is music

for some, it's more, for some, it's fashion, but the music is the glue that binds us together.
DannyH Ah...those were the days. In Manchester it was The Banshee. The dancefloor was four floors below street level. Eventually it sank under the weight of its own perverse glamour, I like to think a few of us were sucked down to be with the dark one right in the middle of a Cure song.
The new lot all seem a bit clean to me but maybe I'm just getting old.
User24 they're too overt 030916
misstree gothic vs industrial; supreme challenge; FIGHT!

dunno who would win, industrial has the angry power tools, but how do you kill what thrives by being dead?

i entertain myself too much sometimes...

and, just as an aside, dj alyda must be quoted as saying both "industrial music is the lawnmower that cuts the grass in my head," and "industrial music kind of sounds like an active grain thresher being dropped onto a bunch of cats in heat. repeatedly."
he obviously listens to merzbow 030916
misstree lipstick
and acrylic paint
and sheer shredded black
and layers of billowy shrouding
that i hide behind when i want to be left to my own
pulpy and pulsing and deep, deep red,
pounding inside, asking to be let
to play with children who
grew up too fast
and lost small
somewhere along the way.

copyright 2000, dead tree inc.
misstree doh. apparently it takes more than spaces to do formatting. none the less. 030916
misstree sloshes off to nap erm. and should begin with

and lipstick

ahem. been a while since i read this one. that and the ubiquitous sleep dep that i use to explain all my fuckups today.
misstree it always makes me giggle when
a widely beloved song comes on
and all these elegant and self-posessed creatures
drop everything, take last gulps of drinks
and stub out cigarettes and then
run, stumble, trot, skip, mosy, stride, and flow
to the dance floor
for worship.

aloof my butt.
User24 gotta say, there's not enough true gothic people around (I'm talking flowing silk, deep purple velvet suits, that kind of thing) 030922
misstree is gother than thou ya, but those who are truly uber tend towards uber in the pretention as well. not always, and i can kinda see why, but i'd rather have people be real and pretty and open than uber and pretty and assess.

RaelOneCloud I do like to dress in black.
But I never got the whole label thing laid on Goths.
Fashion Goths don't want to talk to me; THEY don't see me as Goth. But I have always listened to some very cool music. So, I don't know.
Labels. Ties my head in knots.
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl im a christian goth.
they say its not possible.
but it is.
im not a stereotype.
if they dont think im a christian, well thats not my problem.
if they dont think im a goth, well i dont really care what they think.
i am what i am.

everyone here is what they are.
sounds obvious but its not.
misstree needs sleep badly don't mean to be following you around, but things you say make me want to say things. so.

one of my water_brothers is nicknamed gothpriest. christian, ordained minister, bible scholar and ancient linguist. absolutely incredible guy, and such a shining example of the good side of christianity; very spiritual, very knowledgable, very kind and very loving.

the reason that twinkies are insane is because they put the icing in the center.
MeKoy mistress needs sleep badly- in other words the twinckies r insane because they r different.were did u ever come ^ with such an analogie? 040208
daughterofthemoon if i could write
I would write my heart out
in a work titled:
Requiem for a lost love
betrayal barely begins to describe
the feeling I felt when I realized I had lost him
anger was the first
the second
who loves company, but could find none to relate with.
"For I have sworn thee fair and thought thee bright, thou art as black as hell and as dark as night."
I would have said
If I had not already realized that he had not been lost,
but stolen.
seduced by one,
the kelpie, I now call her.
I know that she will kill his emotions and all that will come back to me is a strange face with the same emotions I now feel.
sorry if this doesnt make sense.
chaoticangel goth is a way to express your self without caring what the hell anyone thinks. Instead of falling into what the hell ever one thinks your should be.
to me goth represents me! and what
i am.
quotree "If you 'used to be Goth,' then you never actally were. It's quite simple, really; don't mistake a fashionable lifestyle choice for an orientation." -Tarik Dozier 040412
quotree "When one bases one's identity on a lifestyle, isn't one confusing the artifice with its creator, the house with its occupant, the facade with the feeling self? A house without an occupant is not a home, a lifestyle without a self is not a person." -Dr. Alexander Lowen, Narcissism: Denial of the True Self 040412
Lila pause I started wearing black because I thought it looked very newyork-chic but everyone seemed to misread it that I'd become goth. So I decided to embrace it. I already hate the world anyway...
- I have all the necessary credentials.
god i decided to staple dead fish and garbage to your clothes.
you got mad and called me crazy.
but i am the only one in here
who understands
Morbius Hello? 050114
stan lee spiderman! 050114
gwen ever been pelted by a palm frond? 050114
quotree Lila:
"that's fucking retarded." -caesar
couldn't be any more succinct.
Briar~Rose i am slowly becoming one, slowly so my family doesn't notice that much/so they don't mind that much. when i walk around the mall apparently guys look at me. right now i dont care if they do because my heart is broken. 050422
Bela_Lugosis_Dead Goth is a subculture who's core is music. You dont listen to goth music, you're not a goth. Goth isnt just about music but thats the most important factor. Tis true, If you "used" to be a goth, then you never were a goth before. I despise those spooky kids who get out of high school and then they're like: "Oh. Well, I got out of that phase." Or "I love goth music! Marilyn Manson is my God". Me: "Marilyn Manson is Metal. Not goth." How pathetic! 051028
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